Porsche Cars Collectibles

Another car collection in the form of miniature Porsche cars is the latest interest of my youngest son. These Porsche cars collectibles Limited Edition can only be bought at Petron.

There are 5 available models to bring together – the Cayenne, Cayman 5, Gt3 rsr, Carrera S and Panamera. We already have two, the Carrera S and Gt3 rsr, so three more and it’s complete.

For every Php1,000 worth of fuel purchase in any Petron gas station, the consumer is eligible to buy a Porsche Cars Collectible for Php180, great deal isn’t it?


At first, I thought it was just a plain pull back and go collectible car, until I saw Yahmir (my youngest son) playing with it. It produces sounds too as when you press the front hood, it creates an engine revolution sound with lights. When you open one door, it will make a car alarm sound with lights while when two doors are opened honk sounds can be heard also with lights. It is a pull back and go car toy too, so kids will truly enjoy playing with it aside and still have a good collection.

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