Tote Bags: Stylish and Functional Carry-All

Bags are both functional and fashionable accessory that women can’t seem to live without. They have bags for different purposes and occasions. There’s a bag they carry to work, one or two styles and designs for an evening out and some other sort of bags for a weekend of strolling and walking. For the latter, women choose function over a bag’s fashion call for weekend bags can Read More

Chic-luxe look with Michael by Michael Kors

Michael Kors Keelyn Suede Wedge

Michael by Michael Kors (MMK) is now available in the Philippines and I am so excited to shop from an actual MMK outlet and to personally see its wide range of collection - bags, dresses, accessories, shoes and more. As Kors loves to jet-set around the world, his designs are mostly inspired by his travels.The Michael Kors line of clothing is all about season-less dressing, Read More

Different types of bags

shoulder bag

Impeccable bags need not be a designer brand or expensive as long as it fits one physique. You will look stylish and classy even with locally made bags that are less expensive.  Elegance in carrying a bag depends on how the bag will complement one’s body figure, outfit, place and occasion.The following are the different types of bags we usually see around.The most Read More

All-in-One Messenger Bag


Ever since I became a mom I seldom use small shoulder bags when we go out as a family. I get used to carrying a big roomy bag enough to hold a lot of stuff.  Because when you have kids it seems like you have to bring the closet with you when going out for a walk or a jaunt, lol.And even now that my kids are already 22 and 12 years old, I still want my big bag with me. It Read More