Skincare for Diabetics

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While many diabetics expect the dietary changes that diabetes leads to, what many diabetics don’t expect is how diabetes can affect skin. As many as one-third of people with diabetes will have a skin disorder caused or affected by diabetes at some point in their lives; luckily, many of these skin issues can be prevented with basic skincare Read More

Tips and Tricks on Getting the Best Shave

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While 75% of men shave their face every day- a task that takes around four months of a man’s life- many men are still in the rough when it comes to getting a close shave. Read our tips and tricks for getting the best shave while protecting your skin.To begin, make sure that you have the best products for a high-quality shave. Use an exfoliator regularly and before shaving Read More

Nightly Beauty Routine: Removing Makeup Before Going To Bed

You may be an expert in applying makeup in seconds to beat the morning rush, but a few minutes to lavishly cleanse and remove your makeup every night before crawling to bed is a healthy nightly beauty routine and habit you should have. After a long and busy day, you might be too tired or you’re wearing too little make up anyway. But these excuses will never help you achieve a Read More

Extending your look through Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are so popular not only among celebrities but also to beauty conscious women who loves a unique style to give a lift  on their current look every now and then. Attaching real or synthetic hair weaves can add thickness, volume, highlights and length to the the person’s own natural hair. These hair weaves are designed in different colors and Read More

Healthy Hair Tips for the Summer Heat

Soon as summer arrives, hot weather hair issues come out from women of all ages. Hair becomes dry and brittle and you get more split ends and dandruff. People with wavy, thick and curly hair and especially those who have undergone hair treatments are even more challenged with the warmer weather. The key here is to find the most suitable hair products for your hair type that Read More