How to Dress to Impress at Your Job Interview

So, you have a great CV, and your covering letter impressed somebody enough to get you called up for an interview. That means you’ve got to get your look right. Remember, first impressions are rarely changed once established. It’d be nice if your skills are what got you the job, but the way you look matters too! If you haven’t attended an interview for a while though, you Read More

What to Do on Their First Day: 5 Tips for New Employees

From the first day of school to the first day in a new job, nothing really changes. There’s a room full of strange people and you are told where to sit and what do. As an employer, it is your responsibility to make a new employee feel as comfortable as possible. Below are five tips to help you with that task.  1. Cover the Basics When they first arrive, keep Read More

Mastering your art: Career options every art major should remember

art supplies - pixabay

Although not generally thought of as a major with many career options, art majors actually have many different avenues to choose from when it comes to finding a job after graduation. They often get boxed into simply being viewed as an artist, be it through painting, illustrations, or sculptures, but there are also many behind-the-scenes jobs art majors find success with. Below Read More

5 Facts You Never Knew About Welding

welding by koko-tewan freddigitalphotos

Welding seems like the kind of career you would need to spend years training for before you even get to touch a welding power supply. However, you would be surprised at how quickly you could become a welder, and the benefits of doing so. Not many people consider welding as a career, however there’s no denying the perks of having a career in welding. Here are some interesting – Read More