Defensive Driving: What You’ve Been Doing Wrong for Too Long

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One of the most important skills to learn while on the road is learning how to drive defensively, which can help you to avoid collisions with other motorists, and is often taught in driving school. Although you may be an experienced driver, anyone is prone to being involved in an accident if they fail to watch for other cars driving recklessly. To protect yourself, there are a Read More

How Not To Get Scammed By Your Mechanic


On top of all the costs of owning a car- gas, insurance, and maintenance- paying for auto repairs is a costly thorn in Americans’ side. In fact, 27% of Americans report being dissatisfied with repair services they’ve gotten from a mechanic, and estimates of the money lost are in the tens of billions, with some estimates as high as $40 billion annually. What can Americans do Read More

Holden Colorado: Luxury and Style on the Road

Chevrolet is popular for its mean line of cars and the Holden Colorado could be their biggest and meanest 4x4 SUV to roll on the road. The Colorado actually has a wide range of models, but for those who would love a smooth road adventure and travel tough off-road environments, then the LTZ 4x4 crew cab is the car for you.    Our family loves a big vehicle as it does Read More

Top five SUVs 2014

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Sports Utility Vehicles, or SUVs, were once a rare sight on suburban roads, reserved for the adventurous types who liked to take their cars off road for a bit of high-speed, if unofficial, rallying. They were always sturdy but basic. They were fast; capable of getting you where you wanted to go regardless of the terrain but rarely offering anything but the most common of Read More

Honda CR-V: A Versatile Family Crossover Car

Want a car that is extremely roomy, versatile and flexible enough for different family needs? The Honda CR-V 2013 lacks a lot of space for a size that is only slightly bigger than a sedan. This crossover car is a great choice for adventurous families with it’s roomy 5 capacity seating and a folding seat arrangement at the back. You’d almost feel like you’re in a mini-van with Read More