Anime Dolls: Understanding Your Nendoroid Collection

Toy figurine collection is a popular hobby of today’s youth. Back then, boys and girls are happy to get a matchbox car or a Barbie doll but today, toy figures are no longer limited to cars and dolls. Japanese anime series has a direct influence in the growing popularity of this hobby. You can now find teens – young boys and girls alike seriously growing their collection of Read More

Ostrich Eggs collection for home decoration

Ostrich eggs are considered to be an exotic object. There are ostrich farms that take care of ostriches like cattle and sell them for meat and eggs. But not many people are aware of that ostrich eggs are used not only for food or beauty product, these empty shells are also used to create something even more exotic! Walking around high-end department stores or browsing an Read More

Willow Tree Figures A Special Collectors Item Edition

willow figurine

  My eyes are glued looking at the hand carved willow tree figures upon browsing a site about collectible figurines.  I can’t help admiring the beauty of these wooden carvings, the figures speaks for themselves. They are specially made of willow wood, best known for sculpture and other artworks like baskets and decorative accessories. The flexible feature of Read More

Porsche Cars Collectibles

carrera s-1

Another car collection in the form of miniature Porsche cars is the latest interest of my youngest son. These Porsche cars collectibles Limited Edition can only be bought at Petron.There are 5 available models to bring together – the Cayenne, Cayman 5, Gt3 rsr, Carrera S and Panamera. We already have two, the Carrera S and Gt3 rsr, so three more and it’s complete. Read More

Collectible Batcopter and Batplane toys


While  I was cleaning the toy rack, I found these two Batman vehicles. Two of the most precious Batman toy collection of my youngest son - the Batcopter and Batplane.  I already have featured Batman cars in my previous post and this is the continuation for the Batman collectible toy series. Read More