Top Tips For Looking Fabulous At The Next Event You Attend

Maybe you are a bridesmaid or are going to a big party, perhaps you have been invited to a ball or other event. Whatever event or celebration you have been invited to, if you are attending, you are going to want to look your best. A beautiful dress, stunning makeup and a stylish pair of shoes are all you need to look fabulous. However, that doesn't mean you should forget the Read More

Seriously Cool Items You Didn’t Know Your House Needed

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The list of cool household items you didn’t know your house needed continues to grow longer by the day and is now as long as the Quirky Pod Power extension cord, an outstanding item for all you technophiles out there who can never seem to get enough juice running throughout your pad to power all your digital devices – but as in the immortal words of Ron Popeil, and later Read More

Get World Cup Match-Ready With a Flag Bean Bag

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The countdown is on to the first whistle of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and although you may not be a player or a fan with match tickets, you still have to take steps to be match-ready; this is serious business.  As fans, we all have a part to play in supporting our teams.Have you booked time off work to watch the big game? Have you bought a big Read More

Men’s Fashion Boots for Different Outfits

Dressing up and looking good is not only a girl thing. Men are also conscious of how they look and they take much care in ensuring that every bit of their outfit exudes masculinity and his individuality. When it comes to shoes, men would consider their pairs as a vital part of their wardrobe. Men’s fashion boots should be well coordinated with his overall ensemble otherwise, a Read More

Best Tips for Looking Great in a Swimsuit This Summer

When summertime returns each year, most people just want to take their clothes off to escape the oppressive heat. After being bundled up for all those chilly months, showing a bit of skin can be extremely refreshing, and taking a dip in cooling waters is one of summer's most popular activities. Wearing a swimsuit can be intimidating when just freshly out of winter, but there Read More