Bejeweled with bangles, earrings and rings

Bangles, multiple rings, single earring and ear cuffs are preferred by many jewelry designers to keep fingers, wrists and ears bejeweled. A fashion statement which is trending in the world of fashion. Multiple rings embellished with stones, crystals or pearls in sophisticated designs worn across the hand on two or more fingers has been associated with earthy, Read More

Tips when choosing your precious rings

There are several important considerations when choosing wedding and engagement rings. A few of these are the ring setting and the size of the diamond you are looking for. Other features such as diamond cut, value and diamond color also matter. Another aspect of choosing rings is the metal that the diamond or other precious stones are set in.Ring SettingThere are Read More

Moissanite, a perfect jewelry for any occasion

Moissanite is a beautiful lab-created stone that can almost perfectly simulate the look of a diamond but costs a fraction of a natural diamond's cost. In multiple studies, most people can't tell the difference between these two stones, making moissanite a great alternative to those who want a beautiful piece of jewelry but don't want to spend a lot.   Read More

A Diamond jewelry is a timeless item to own

A diamond jewelry is one of the precious pieces to own that can go beyond lifetime. It is one of the possessions that can be passed on to our children from one to generation to another. “A diamond is forever” the famous slogan used by De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd., owner of diamond workings in South Africa because it is a valuable investment considerably perfect for wedding Read More

Tips When Choosing Plus Size Jewelry

Being big does not exempt anyone from being fashionable. There are many shops that offer clothes in plus sizes so those who are of this size can still choose their style. Along with plus size clothes, it is best to get the right jewelry to make one look presentable. Here are some useful tips on how to pick the right eight inch bracelets and other plus size jewelries to match Read More