House vs. Apartment: Which Is Right for You?

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If you are tossing up whether house or apartment living is right for you, there are some important questions to answer and matters to take into account when making your choice. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but ultimately your decision will be based on the lifestyle you have (and desire for the future) and the finances you have available. When weighing Read More

Desert Life: What No One Told You About Moving West


When someone moves out west to states such as New Mexico, Utah, or Arizona, getting used to living in a dry desert environment requires time. Individuals moving to dry desert areas also need to make changes in their daily habits to have a higher quality of living. The basic things the human body must adjust to are the hot temperatures and lack of moisture in the Read More

Family Pictures: Cute Ideas for a Winter Shoot

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Whether you need photos for next year’s holiday cards, or you suddenly realized that Mom hasn't been in any family photos in the last five years, a winter photo shoot holds plenty of possibilities. Some families shy away from family pictures this time of year since the weather is cold, and the days are shorter, but you can make your family photos truly special by incorporating Read More

Small Talk: Five Ideas for Making Friends at Any Age

Small Talk Five Ideas for Making Friends at Any Age

Friends are the most important mental asset we can have, because they lift us out of depression and loneliness and add a spark to our lives that makes us happier, busier with pleasant activities, and gives us an incentive to carry on with more positivity.     If you are looking for ways to make friends at any age, consider the following Read More

Defensive Driving: What You’ve Been Doing Wrong for Too Long

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One of the most important skills to learn while on the road is learning how to drive defensively, which can help you to avoid collisions with other motorists, and is often taught in driving school. Although you may be an experienced driver, anyone is prone to being involved in an accident if they fail to watch for other cars driving recklessly. To protect yourself, there are a Read More