Some Useful Run Commands

This is very handy especially when you are multi-tasking and you need to find applications in your computer in a very easy way.  Special credits to Bladerunner, a former ICafe colleague who shared these useful shortcuts by using the run command.  All you have to do is click Start, then click run and type the corresponding command then hit Ok.  This list serves as my guide Read More

Speed Up Your Slow PC!

Do you want to speed up your slowing pc? Here’s another tutorial on how to do it.To speed up boot up or Start-up:Click Start > then click Run > type: msconfig > click OK System Configuration Window will open Click on the Startup tab > uncheck or disable all except for your anti-virus > click apply then reboot your pcRun a complete system scan Read More

Ways on How to Block Sites

We as parents are very much concerned about our kid’s safety online.  Primarily, we are not after our children’s time wasting in the internet but on what activities they are engaged and what they are doing in these sites.  Possibilities of they might be interacting already with complete strangers who are asking for our personal information that would risk not only the Read More

How To Back Up Files

Have you ever experienced that on the next time you open your personal computer, it just won't boot up? All of your important files are there and you need to finish a task or work in the soonest time but unluckily you cannot run on your schedule because of your computer's system failure. This is the reason why it is deem necessary to do a back-up or a copy of your Read More