Community Service: Five Service Ideas for Seniors

If you have a high school senior in your home, then you may be looking for opportunities for him or her to begin engaging in community service activities. After all, such volunteer work looks great on a resume, or even a college application. Not to mention, community service is a great way for your child to feel compassionate towards his or her community, and to learn the Read More

Intellectual Property Rights and Plagiarism

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Although it is often necessary to use the works and ideas of others when doing research, it is important to understand the principles of intellectual property and plagiarism. There are allowances for using the works of others, but it is important to do so properly to avoid any violations of intellectual property rights. Plagiarism of another's work, especially in an academic Read More

How to be an effective essay writer

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Reading good books will enhance your word power and increase your stock knowledge of vocabularies and terminologies which is essential in essay writing.  A composition can be written with ease  If you will consider  following  the pre-requisites such as planning, researching, using an outline form to organize the sequence of topic sentences in each paragraph to avoid Read More

Grandpa’s favorite Für Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven

I am having mixed emotions every time I hear this piece. I am happy and at the same time sad missing my dear grandpa who passed away when I was in college. He always plays and listen to Für Elise along with the other Ludwig van Beethoven’s famous musical compositions. The whole house is filled with this music daily, usually in the early mornings while he is at the kitchen Read More

JLo’s Splendid Performance at American Idol

Dance Again, is one of Jennifer Lopez’ hottest song that once again hit the #1 on Billboard's Dance Charts after her marvelous performance in the famous yearly singing challenge on tv - American Idol.I am so much impressed with JLo’s performance; she can sing and dance at the same time. She’s so georgeous!, every move is synchronized with proper timing and rhythm. I can’t Read More