The best place to store a perfume

It was in my teenage years then when I became curious why my mom keeps her facial creams, perfumes, colognes and other make ups inside our refrigerator. Strange isn’t it? My mom said that the refrigerator is the best place to store a perfume to prevent it from spoiling.The fridge can store other things more than just food. Keeping it organized to set things and food in Read More

A masculine scent to attract women

Perry Ellis cologne eau de toilette

Scent is one of the mighty ways to attract women because women by nature have a keener and heightened sense of smell. It is considered a strong aspect when it comes to attraction. Men are most attractive when they smell good, a real turn on.I love the fresh smell of my husband’s after shave lotion, the clean scent of the bath soap plus wearing his favorite perfume brightens Read More

A feminine fragrance for a classy regal beauty

il bacio

Il Bacio Perfume has been my signature fragrance for years now. I find it heavenly, ladylike and refreshing. During my corporate workdays, dressing up for work is not complete without a spray of my favorite scent as it perks up my day which lasts all throughout the daylight hours.The perfume is launched by Marcella Borghese in 1993 and is classified as a refreshing, Read More