Rules to Observe for Condo Dog Owners

There are condominiums which allow pets like dogs or cats to reside in the unit together with the tenant or the owner provided that the pet owner abide the house restrictions and standards in pet owning. People living in a condominium share the same common areas like hallways, lobbies, elevators and more, thus it is a must for the dog owner to train his dog in Read More

Benefits of having a pet dog

People who have a pet dog are more spirited and less likely to suffer depression. The love and companionship given by the dog to its owners plus their intelligence, loyalty, devotion and affection are amazingly rewarding.Studies find that people who own dogs increased their amount of physical activity by walking or playing with their dog. Additional benefits why owning a Read More

Cute Christmas Outfits For Your Dog!

dog's christmas outfit

When it comes to buying your dog a present for Christmas, are you stuck for ideas? Of course, you’ll be sneaking them a little turkey under the dinner table and generally treating them, but as a member of your family, it’s important that your poochie has a special Christmas too.Christmas clothing is a great way to make your dog look adorable, as well as keep them warm when Read More