Men’s Fashion Boots for Different Outfits

Dressing up and looking good is not only a girl thing. Men are also conscious of how they look and they take much care in ensuring that every bit of their outfit exudes masculinity and his individuality. When it comes to shoes, men would consider their pairs as a vital part of their wardrobe. Men’s fashion boots should be well coordinated with his overall ensemble otherwise, a Read More

Stylista Rules To Wearing Pumps

Among the different types of shoes that women are crazy about, pumps is undeniably the most popular. It is practical, versatile and these days, it comes in all designs possible making it one of the most stylish choices in footwear. If you want to show off your chic shoes, here are rules that stylistas have for wearing pumps.  Know the Occasion – Read More

Rainy Day Staple: The Boots

Monsoon season is officially in our country, it's time to put away your flip flops and start getting your Wellies out of storage. Wellies is a British slang term for rubber boots also known as gummies. Rubber boots are  definitely a must-have during this season because it keeps the feet dry during heavy rains and minor flood. You can pick up a lot of bacteria by merely walking Read More

Ways on Keeping Your Shoes Crease and Crack Free

Shoes are considered to be one of the essential accessories for both men and women and since they aren’t cheap items, it should be well taken care of to last as much as possible. This footwear protects our weary feet against a lot of environmental factors like heat, dust, extreme cold and a whole lot more.However, your shoes need protecting as well and one of the most Read More

Chic-luxe look with Michael by Michael Kors

Michael Kors Keelyn Suede Wedge

Michael by Michael Kors (MMK) is now available in the Philippines and I am so excited to shop from an actual MMK outlet and to personally see its wide range of collection - bags, dresses, accessories, shoes and more. As Kors loves to jet-set around the world, his designs are mostly inspired by his travels.The Michael Kors line of clothing is all about season-less dressing, Read More