Pay for Protection or Download Free Antivirus?

Computer crashes, hacked accounts, and deleted files are some of the horrific possibilities that can happen if your PC, laptop, or smart phone gets infected with viruses and malware. As such, it is imperative that all these devices are equipped with security tools to protect them at all times. Antivirus software is a basic internet security tool that shields your device from Read More

Why Small Businesses Need a Powerful Broadband Connection

The internet is one of the computer-based tools used by businesses from any location whether big or small as it is proven to be one of the effective business strategies to reach new opportunities and larger markets. At a time when most business transactions are completed over the internet, small businesses can fairly compete with larger companies when they have the right Read More

Greater viewing pleasure with BT Vision

A television is an essential telecommunication medium in the family room that offers viewing happiness for the entire family.  Most often we subscribe to digital TV providers so we can access and enjoy television programs in different channels and stations. For superior customer satisfaction BT Vision managed to create a decent on demand digital TV service platform which offers Read More

Some of the most fun things to do on the internet


The internet is one of the greatest inventions ever, and since everyone is online for most of their lives nowadays, there are plenty of fun things to do when you know where to look. We use it for work, and then we use it when we get home; we get stressed by our computers all day, and then use them to relax in an evening. It’s pretty fair to say that we probably can’t live Read More