Anime Dolls: Understanding Your Nendoroid Collection

Toy figurine collection is a popular hobby of today’s youth. Back then, boys and girls are happy to get a matchbox car or a Barbie doll but today, toy figures are no longer limited to cars and dolls. Japanese anime series has a direct influence in the growing popularity of this hobby. You can now find teens – young boys and girls alike seriously growing their collection of Read More

Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Action Figures

Yahmir, my youngest son is fond of watching Final Fantasy and playing Kingdom Hearts in his handheld gadget.  He became interested to collect their action figures.  As these figures are quite pricey, my husband and I decided to reward him these collectibles as long as he maintains his good grades in school.  Every school quarter, we buy him a toy figure for his collection. Read More

Collectible Batcopter and Batplane toys


While  I was cleaning the toy rack, I found these two Batman vehicles. Two of the most precious Batman toy collection of my youngest son - the Batcopter and Batplane.  I already have featured Batman cars in my previous post and this is the continuation for the Batman collectible toy series. Read More

Creating a kid friendly yard


A backyard is the best place for your children to play. You have to work at it to make sure your yard is kid friendly. Some children get a lot of entertainment out of running around aimlessly or chasing each other, but those two activities will keep them occupied only for so long. Children have short attention spans, so you have to have enough in your yard to keep them from Read More