Smart Watch: A Reflection of Your Individual Style

Whenever you choose accessories such as jewelry, watches or bags, you always look for something that will match most of what you have in your wardrobe and of course, your own personal style. You want the latest and the most innovative gadget too. So when technology comes with fashionable accessory such as the Smart Watch Phone, everybody rushes to get a pair of Read More

Watches as a Fashion Statement

For the fashion conscious clothes and jewellery have always been crucial to achieving the right look. Nowadays, however, watches are considered to be as much a part of fashion as either. Watch makers and designers have recognised this trend and now produce watches intended to make a fashion statement as well as being functional timepieces.Most obviously, watches are now Read More

A Fashion Timepiece for a timeless love this Valentine’s Day

“When love is great, no amount of words can truly express what love is for even in silence love is heard!” a favorite quote that lingers in my mind when asked on how I would define love. Every day in my opinion is a love holiday especially for couples who really have found endless bliss in romance.Love is in the air and is felt everywhere particularly these days when Read More

WATCHES: Going Beyond their Basic Function

Time has allowed the evolution of watches from just simple timekeepers into becoming nests of many other functions, like watches that double as an alarm clock. More expensive and elaborate watches may include things like repeater functions or striking mechanisms that allow a user to know what time is it with a special sound. Because of the convenience of wearing Read More

Ladies timepiece, a unique feminine collection

Ladies' Michael Kors Mid-Size Cameron Chronograph Two-Tone Glitz Watch

Fashionable and beautiful, trendy yet timeless is what I look for in a wristwatch. For many years now, I seldom buy my timepiece for I endlessly enjoy wearing my mini collection of timepieces, until I saw this chic and classic michael kors watch.  A fashion brand created from a cutting edge designer.Enthusiasts enjoy the unique wristwatches that demonstrate elegance, Read More