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If you are planning on traveling to another country sometime in the near future, you can probably barely contain your excitement about the upcoming adventure. Though it’s important to think clearly, so you can take care of things before you leave. Make sure you take the time to do these things before leaving for your trip, and leave room for any extra tasks you didn’t think about.


travel abroad

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Take Care of Your Health

First and foremost, you have to take care of your health before you go anywhere. See your dentist or oral surgeon in Tampa, and have any cleaning or exams you need done. As Westchase Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center remind us, insurances will often not cover you if an emergency should happen while abroad. Have a physical done and make sure you have all of your immunizations. It’s important to make sure your body is strong and healthy enough to travel, plus you shouldn’t have to worry about having any dental work or medical care done while you’re overseas.


Make Sure Your Papers are in Order

Get all your papers in order before leaving. Make sure your passport is up-to-date, and submit any visa requests as far in advance as possible. Ensure that your flying plans and accommodations are fully secured before your anticipated travel date. Handling everything as far in advance as possible can help you save money, and ensure your travel plans aren’t delayed or ruined.


Arrange for Your Belongings to Be Cared For

You might be nervous about leaving your home and belongings behind when you travel, so make sure you have a plan in mind for taking care of everything. Consider putting your items in storage if you rent, then, you can move out of your rental and save money if you are going to be overseas for a while. Otherwise, consider installing security cameras and a burglar alarm in your home, and ask a friend or neighbor to take care of things for you. Arrange for things like someone to take care of your pets, bring in your mail, and keep your home as well-kept as possible.

As you can see, there are a few things you need to take care of before you make plans to leave for your overseas trip. Luckily, following these tips can help make for the best possible trip when you do leave.


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Helpful Tips for Moving Abroad Wed, 10 Dec 2014 02:19:38 +0000 In today’s global economy, moving internationally […]

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In today’s global economy, moving internationally for work purposes is becoming increasingly more common. Whether it’s right over the border into a neighboring country or moving to the opposite side of the globe, it can be a stressful and disorganized time in your life. Here are some tips to make the transition as smooth as possible.


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Copy and Scan Your Important Documents

Passports, rental agreements, copies of your travel tickets and itineraries, birth certificates, marriage certificates, drivers licenses and banking records should all be scanned and stored on a USB thumb drive. Also make physical copies and keep them in your hand luggage. Having backups of these essential documents will help you feel more at ease during the transition and can be a lifesaver if your originals are somehow lost, damaged or stolen.


Take the Opportunity to Declutter and Pare Down

When faced with the prospect of moving to another country and paying freight for every pound of possessions, clutter suddenly become less appealing. Embrace this attitude and take it as a motivator to pare down your belongings. If you’re moving with driving distance, it may make sense to take just about everything with you. If you’re moving across an ocean, there is no reason to take along huge or heavy items such as furniture or book collections unless the item has great monetary or sentimental value.


Give Yourself Plenty of Time

International moving is hard enough without rushing yourself through the process. If at all possible, give yourself several days in your new home to unpack, get settled, align with local time and explore your new home town before you are expected to rush off to work. This is is especially important if you are moving into a completely foreign culture many time zones from your original location. Be kind to yourself and your body.


Don’t Do It All Alone

If at all possible, don’t try to do this enormous task all by yourself. Not only could you throw out your back, the emotional stress is also not good for you. Whether you enlist the help of international moving services in Toronto or just call all of your cousins and siblings for assistance, you will be glad you got help.


Moving abroad can be a stressful time. By keeping these tips in mind, you can make the transition as smoothly as possible and settle into your new place in comfort.

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How to EnsureYour Corporate, Wedding or Party Entertainment Uniquely Exciting Tue, 09 Dec 2014 11:02:50 +0000 With one of the biggest party seasons upon us, it’s tim […]

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With one of the biggest party seasons upon us, it’s time to start thinking about how we can make sure that our party really stands out from the crowd. Whether you’re planning a Christmas party, a wedding or a corporate event, there’s one key area that can make a massive difference to your guests’ enjoyment: the organised entertainment.



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Having tailored entertainment is absolutely essential when you’re planning your party, as more often than not it’s the part of your evening that your guests will really remember. Whether it’s a group of fantastic singers performing at a wedding or a lively dance group that will get everyone on your feet – entertainment can make a great party an amazing party. Themes that work really well at weddings or parties include The Great Gatsby and the circus. These types of parties are easy to make unique and spectacular, with the addition of wonderful entertainment, such as fantastic live bands, burlesque acts, free-runners and acrobats.

A great way to make your entertainment stand out is by choosing a company where the emphasis is on creating a completely tailored performance and set for your party. This allows them to adhere to your theme and create an appropriate performance that won’t offend any of your guests. Make sure that your corporate entertainment isn’t a ‘one set fits all’ company, as you’ll realise how much you appreciate a personal approach to enhance your function.

Another way to make sure that your party entertainment is the cream of the crop is to choose highly experienced singers and performers that will give you a really top quality show. If amateur isn’t your thing, try Incognito Artists, who have a team of top entertainers from the West End and Broadway. Your guests will be absolutely blown away by the performance from the tenors and divas. A great way to add a really special, surprising moment to your party is to have some of these singers masquerading as waiters, chefs or fellow party goers, who can surprise your guests at any moment by bursting into amazing song. This is sure to be a real highlight at your party and be a memorable moment that’s sure talking point for a long time afterwards.

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Five Equipment Must Haves for Soon to Be Parents Fri, 05 Dec 2014 07:41:42 +0000 The promise of a baby on the way fills parents with won […]

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The promise of a baby on the way fills parents with wonder, joy, and anticipation. It is also a time that can be overwhelming for many reasons. The reality that very soon, a tiny human being will be totally dependent on you can be extremely daunting. There is a plethora of baby equipment available, and it can be difficult to distinguish between what is a need, and what is a luxury. Obviously, things like a crib and car seat are at the top of the list, but there are other items that can help to ease the transition into parenthood.




Sleep Sacks
Once the new bundle of joy arrives there will be plenty of cuddle opportunities, however pediatricians recommend following the rules of the “back to sleep” campaign. It is safest for babies to sleep on a firm mattress in their own crib in the same room as their parents. Stuffed toys, blankets, and pillows may look cute, but pose suffocation hazards for little ones. Sleep sacks, or wearable blankets, offer a cozy and safe alternative. It is a great idea to have a few of different styles and materials on hand. They will keep baby warm, with absolutely no risk of entanglement.


Nursing Pillow
There is a large push among the medical community to encourage breastfeeding, as it offers countless benefits to baby and mom alike. It may seem like an easy and natural process, and for many it is. According to a high risk maternal care specialist Dr. Gilbert W Webb, for some mothers, nursing proves more difficult. A nursing pillow can help aid in positioning of an infant, and can help make breastfeeding easier and more comfortable for both mother and child.


Cool Mist Humidifier
Hopefully it will be far down the road, but eventually baby will get sick. That first cold can be extremely rough for all involved. A cool mist humidifier helps keep the baby’s nasal passages moist, and can help improve comfort. It is a wonderful thing to have on hand when you hear that first sniffle, for years to come.


White Noise Machine
The world can be a loud, busy, and over stimulating place. This is especially true for one that has spent 9 months in the comfort and seclusion of their mother’s womb. White noise machines can help create a soothing atmosphere for nap time. There is a huge selection of machines, varying greatly in price and functions. A basic one is typically adequate for a baby. Doctors warn that while noise machines can help sooth infants, and help mask distracting background noise, there are some important precautions to take. The volume should be set very low, and the machine should be placed over 200 cm from the crib to protect the baby’s hearing.


Stick Blender
This handy device may not get use right when baby arrives, but is a huge time and money saver when solid foods are introduced. It makes it easy and convenient to puree a variety of food very quickly. Stick blenders are significantly cheaper than most baby food makers, and also more versatile, as they can be used in adult food preparation too!


A new baby brings many unexpected joys as well as expenses. A little bit of forethought and preparation can make the transition slightly easier for everyone!


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Four Steps You Should Take To Prepare Your Winter Wardrobe Fri, 28 Nov 2014 21:03:40 +0000   Winter is here. It’s time to move those summer d […]

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Rubbermaid HomeFree series closet system

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Winter is here. It’s time to move those summer dresses and t-shirts to the back of your wardrobe and bring your jumpers and jeans to the front. Here is a step by step guide to preparing your wardrobe for winter.


  1. Clear out

It is a good idea to take this opportunity to do an overhaul of your wardrobe. Instead of putting summer items that are past their best back into your closet, you should get rid of them and make more room for your quality clothes. You will find it really helpful if you divide your clothes into four separate piles: toss, donate, fix and clean. Although it can be difficult to say goodbye to your favourite things, if they are permanently stained or have holes, they should be thrown out. Be as honest with yourself as possible when doing your clear out. If you haven’t worn an item for a very long time and you are hanging on to it “just in case” it should be donated to a charity shop. If you have items that have a loose threads or don’t fit you properly, get these fixed before putting them back into your closet. Finally, make sure you include the items in your laundry basket when you are doing your clear out. Some clothes just need a wash to make them look as good as new.


  1. Take stock

Once you have done a proper clear out of your wardrobe you can begin to take stock of your winter items. Start from the top and work your way down. So, first think about your hats. Are they warm enough and will they go with every outfit? Ask yourself these same questions about your scarves, tops, jumpers, trousers, dresses, skirts, etc. Make a list of any items that are missing from your winter wardrobe, or items that you need to get more of.


  1. Buy missing items

With your list, begin to browse online for items that you might like to purchase. Have a look online at the latest styles and make an online “lookbook” for inspiration. Remember that it is a better idea to buy one good quality item that will keep you warm for the whole winter instead of lots of cheap clothes and accessories that won’t last. If you are on a tight budget, keep an eye out for sale items that have decent reductions in price. If possible try to get all your new items bought quickly so that you are fully prepared for when it begins to get freezing outside.


what's in my closet?

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  1. Complete wardrobe

Once you have everything you need for your winter wardrobe, you might find it helpful to organise items by colour and style. Have all your trousers grouped together and arrange them from light to dark. This will make it much easier for you to coordinate your outfits and might make your routine on those dark and chilly mornings a little quicker and easier.


Although it might take time, and you may need to spend a little money, getting your wardrobe prepared for winter will ensure that you are ready to brave the cold in style.


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Moving Out: What You Should Know About Living on Your Own Fri, 21 Nov 2014 07:09:47 +0000 Whether you are moving out to a dormitory or a new apar […]

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Whether you are moving out to a dormitory or a new apartment, you may be feeling nervous about living on your own for the first time. Living solo is an adventure, but it can also make you feel like you have no safety net. To take some of the stress out of the initial move, take a few moments to keep these tips in mind.

Humping boxes up to my new home office (pic). Moving day proper tomorrow (hence my recent tweet dearth).

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You Need In Home Food
Even if you have cash, you are going to get tired of eating out every night. Head to a secondhand store and grab some cooking utensils, since they are usually cheaper there. Learn to cook a few basic meals, like pasta, eggs, and potatoes. Learning to cook early on is something that can make a huge difference to your money flow, and to your comfort. A weekly trip to the grocery store is going to be far less expensive than going out to eat all the time, even if you are eating a lot of packaged food. Look up easy and healthy recipes whenever you can to stay healthier.

Clean Regularly
A lot of people have trouble with this one, but a clean house will help you feel refreshed and on top of things. Pick up a little every day, and do a bigger clean on the weekends. This is not always easy, but you will feel better if you do it. Get plastic hangers so your clothes don’t live on the floor, and keep things organized in your room. The National Hanger Company suggests organizing a closet by color so you can piece together outfits more easily.

Choose Roommates Carefully
Choose your roommates for compatibility rather than friendship. A friend may love you, but if they have habits you cannot tolerate, there are going to be some serious issues that need to be addressed. Instead, choose a roommate who has a cleaning style that is similar to yours, and make sure they are on the lease as well. Do not let someone live with you without putting their name on the paperwork!

Budgeting is not easy, but it is a skill you need to learn sooner rather than later. Be diligent about keeping track of your money, and take the time to learn what things cost. Figure out where your money is going, and make sure that you want it to go there.

Moving out on your own for the first time is a little nerve-wracking, but a little preparation can make a big difference. Just stay on top of things, and be ready to compromise, adjust, and figure out new solutions!


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Exciting Style Ideas For Your Home Wed, 19 Nov 2014 20:24:12 +0000 When it comes to furniture for our home we tend to go f […]

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When it comes to furniture for our home we tend to go for practical style ideas. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this you could be a little more adventurous when it comes to style and design. These days there is so much to choose from on the furniture market. This means that whatever you are looking for, there will be something to suit you and your needs. How adventurous you choose to be is up to you, the possibilities are endless.


home ideas

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Wall Decor

One simple way to add a little excitement into your home is to look at wall decor. Whether you go for patterned wallpaper or hanging pictures it’s an easy way to add a little something different to your home. Many people choose to have one big piece of art as a centrepiece or perhaps one wall decorated differently to the others in the home. It really is down to your sense of style and what you would prefer.


For the main rooms in your home you’ll need to consider seating. Most people assume that sofas and hard-back chairs are the best ways to cater to their needs, but that is not always the case. You could have comfortable bean bag chairs in your room instead. These are great because they don’t take up much room but create great seating options, especially if you have visitors. You could also look at fold-out seating and sofas that transform if you really want furniture that is a little different.


Most people would consider storage in their home something that is pretty essential. When you start to look at storage you’ll find some great space saving options. Whether it’s storage under your sofa or ways to keep your cupboards more organised, there is something out there for everyone. These might not seem like the most exciting addition you can add to a room, but the storage they create is amazing.


When it comes to lighting options for rooms, you have so many to choose from. Fairy lights work well for bedrooms because they add a subtle light to a room which is easy to relax in. For other rooms you might want something brighter. If you’re looking at a room that has a lack of natural light then lamps are essential. If you’re looking for exciting lighting options then lava or touch lamps could be perfect. You can even go for wall lighting, hanging lighting and other options if you really want to think outside of the box.


Your home is your own space and therefore you are free to do with it what you want. Whether you want something ultra-modern or something more traditional there are styles to suit you and your needs. It is simply a matter of shopping around in order to find something to suit. You can read up on trends and get inspiration online. That said, your home is your personal space and the most important thing is that you choose styles that you like.

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The Only Way to Shine on Your Wedding Day Tue, 18 Nov 2014 10:49:31 +0000 All brides want to shine on their wedding day. They wan […]

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All brides want to shine on their wedding day. They want a literal yellow glow to encase them for the whole of their big day. Unfortunately, you can’t carry a special torch with you to create this glow. It just wouldn’t fit in. You can, however, make sure you look spectacular and give yourself a metaphorical glow. Want to know how? Look no further!


All Eyes on the Bride

Image credits to: stephanie carter on Flickr –


Practice Your Hair and Makeup

If you’re not used to doing your hair and makeup, you need to get a lot of practice in before the big day. There are lots of ways you could do this: you could go for a makeup and hair lesson at a salon, for instance. If you haven’t got the budget for this, there are all kinds of tutorial videos and blogs online that could give you some amazing tips to try out. Even if you consider yourself to be an intermediate when it comes to doing hair and makeup, wedding hair and makeup is totally different. It’s definitely not the same as getting ready to go to the office or for a night out with the girls! You want to look different on your wedding day. Special. Make sure you practice enough!


Hire a Professional You Trust

If you don’t want to do everything outlined above, your only other option is to hire a professional you trust. I always recommend having a trial before the big day, so you know for sure whether you’ll like what the therapist has in mind. You might think that you’ll like something on paper, when in actual fact you might hate it on the day.


Wear Jewelry That Suits You

Finding jewelry that suits you is an important part of your big day. It should suit your features and your coloring for the best effect. For example, if you have a slender neck and decolletage that you’d like to show off, you could buy a nice necklace. If you’re having a fancy up do, you could wear a special pair of earrings. To suit your coloring, find out whether silver, rose, or gold metal suits your skin, hair, and eyes best. If you pick the right jewelry this way, you’ll definitely shine. Your wedding jewelry should match your rings too. For diamond rings in Houston click here to get ideas. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your jewelry!


Pamper Yourself

Take extra time in the weeks leading up to your wedding to pamper yourself. Make sure you have a great skincare routine, and moisturize your skin to give it a real shine. You could also use a hair treatment to get your hair in the best ever condition.


Smile and Be Confident

Don’t forget to smile and feel confident on your big day. Confidence will radiate out of you, so make sure you project that feeling even if you don’t usually.


Use this guide and you’ll look like a goddess on the most special day of your life!

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Five Unique Ideas For A Custom Addition To Your Home Sun, 16 Nov 2014 07:21:04 +0000 An addition to a home may make better sense than sellin […]

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An addition to a home may make better sense than selling your existing home and buying a new one, particularly if you like the location and neighborhood. A renovation will provide the extra room for any number of purposes. Let’s take a look at why some people put additions on their homes.


home renovation

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Home based business

If you have at least one room in your home that’s solely and exclusively used for business purposes, a tax deduction is available for that part of the home. The addition can cut significantly on commute time, expense and office rental. Doing a little remodeling will allow you to have all the features of an office and make it feel separate from the home.

Hobby room

When you immerse yourself in a hobby like painting or music, you can run out of room in your home quickly. Your family gets tangled up in all that hobby stuff too. A hobby can take up much of a house. A dedicated room frees up the rest of the house so you can enjoy your hobbies without cluttering your home.


A playroom addition relieves your house of clutter and mess and teaches children how to organize and care for their own things. They also define living space. Bedrooms are for sleeping, and playrooms are for hanging out and playing. A home goes through quite a bit of wear and tear with children playing. A durable playroom addition keeps that wear and tear where it belongs. Your house remains spotless.

Home Theater

Everybody can use this room, including the kids, their friends, your friends and your family. Tens of thousands of movies are available now. Why be around the general public at a theater? Fabulous audio and video are available for your home theater addition. You’ll find your own furniture more comfortable too.

Second story extension

These are for single story homes upon which a second story is added. The roof is removed and a second story is built. A new roof is then added and electrical, plumbing and HVAC extended. This is ideal if you have a growing family and want more room in your home.


If you like your location and neighborhood, there’s no reason to make a move if you want a bigger home. You can just build an addition. A custom home builder in Newmarket or city near you can help turn your home renovation ideas into a reality.




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Tips on How to Restore and Care for your valued Tableware Fri, 14 Nov 2014 21:31:07 +0000 If you own luxury tableware, chances are that it’s one […]

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If you own luxury tableware, chances are that it’s one of your most prized and valued possessions- and that you only use it on special, rare occasions. That shouldn’t be the case! Use your tableware with pride and as often as you wish- with the tips below, you’ll be able to care for your tableware without damaging it so that it will stay in your family for years to come.


Sterling silver is dishwasher safe and can be polished with silver polish and a silver nitrate treated cloth’ however, it reacts to sulfur and shouldn’t be stored near rubber and wool. Gold vermeil should be hand washed with mild soap, but not polished; instead, dust it regularly with a dry cloth. Also, gold is easily scratched, so store it safely in a soft-lined flatware case so that it stays undamaged. Gold plated flatware also requires hand washing and careful storage, and it can be polished with a general metal polish and a gold polishing cloth.


Silver plated flatwares are dishwasher safe, but only use a small amount of detergent that’s free of citric acid. Polish it with silver polish and a silver nitrate treated cloth, and be especially careful not to wash silver plate next to stainless steel in the dishwasher, as the metals will react and the silver will become discolored.


Stainless steel flatware is also dishwasher safe, but if you do hand wash it, be careful not to use hard-bristled brushes or scouring pads, which can wear away the chromium oxide film. Stainless steel polish will restore the shine to your flatware.


White porcelain and decal or underglaze porcelain are fairly low maintenance tableware sets. Both are dishwasher and microwave safe and don’t require any polishing. Hand painted porcelain and metallic porcelain, however, can’t be put in the dishwasher or the microwave. While hand painted and gold-coated porcelain don’t need polishing, silver-coated porcelain can be polished using silver polish and a silver nitrate treated cloth.


Glassware is dishwasher safe, unless it’s blown glass, which is typically too delicate for the dishwasher. Dry glassware on the lowest setting to keep spots from forming. Unless you have a crystal setting on your dishwasher, handwash crystal with mild soap. For both glassware and crystal, glass polish will remove the film that forms with regular washing.

tableware-care-guide-by-kneenandco (1)

Your elegant tableware shouldn’t be kept hidden in a dark and dusty cabinet. Instead, with these tips for proper care, use it frequently and enjoy the tableware to its fullest.


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