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The list of cool household items you didn’t know your house needed continues to grow longer by the day and is now as long as the Quirky Pod Power extension cord, an outstanding item for all you technophiles out there who can never seem to get enough juice running throughout your pad to power all your digital devices – but as in the immortal words of Ron Popeil, and later Australia’s Tim Shaw, ‘But wait, there’s more!’

And indeed there is, much more in fact!


Silicon Beer Savers

beer savers

image credit:


Keeping bubbles alive by sticking a fork or spoon in your half drained bottle of beer is officially a myth and the sooner you accept that fact and pick yourself up a few silicon beer savers the better for everyone, especially your mates whom you try to pass them off on. They retail for about $7.


The Dish Drainer that Drains Into the Sink

This item has proven remarkably popular in a short period of time and has fast become one of those ‘I can’t believe I don’t have one yet’ items.

They cost around $45, though it must be said that if this floats your boat you really need to get out more, if only as far as your backyard to laze about in various degrees of undress in the really cool – not in a literal sense of course – collapsible hot tub discussed in glowing terms below.

The Collapsible Hot Tub


collapsible tub

image credit:


Yes, finally! If you have a grand to blow on something really cool this year, make it a collapsible hot tub. This is the best new release camping item on the market in recent years and you don’t need to venture out into the great outdoors to enjoy it either – your backyard or living room will suffice. $1,000 well spent!


The Kickball Ice Cream Maker


kickball ice cream maker

image credit:


We all scream for ice cream and many of us scream even louder when we realise how much weight we’ve gained upon hitting the scales the next day! The kickball ice cream maker is here to make ice cream safer for consumption by blitzing calories before you even have a chance to put them on.

Just stick all the ingredients inside – cream, sugar, ice, flavours – kick it about with the kids for 20 minutes and you’ll have burned enough calories to deserve treating yourself. Retailing for $35, it’s an ingenious, must-have item.


Graffiti Rug Roller


Graffiti rug roller

image credit:


Not sure about the retail price, though if you’re into making your own household decorations then the graffiti rug roller is for you and it’s most certainly worth whatever it retails at.

Take an image of your choosing, convert it using the software provided and the Graffiti Fur will take care of the rest!

Recently showcased at Vancouver SIGGRAPH 2014, this cool item made a huge impression on those in attendance.


A Bed Riser with Built-In Power Strips


bed riser

image credit:


Can’t seem to rise and shine as you’d like? With a bed riser with built-in power strips there’s no need to struggle out of bed any longer, just hit the switch and rise up.

Admittedly they’re intended for storage purposes, i.e. to store more junk under one’s bed, though they’ll make great Christmas gifts for your friendswho find it difficult to get up and about in the morning. Just $30!


The Remote Control Mop



image credit:


Ever tried to get the kids to do their share of the housework and failed miserably? In that regard, you’re hardly alone as many of us mums and dads would love to get the kids to help out around the house but nothing seems to work – they know we wouldn’t deprive them of pocket money because we’d never hear the end of it and ‘no television until it’s clean’ was another threat that never worked well either.

The remote control mop seems set to destroy that long-running trend by making housework as much fun as it’s possible to make housework. The remote control mop retails for around $50-60.

If you can’t believe you don’t own any of these cool, must-have household items, there’s no time like the present to introduce your better half to your new iPad controlled, poolside tranquility pad – it’s built for two by the way!

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Holden Colorado: Luxury and Style on the Road Wed, 27 Aug 2014 19:42:56 +0000 Chevrolet is popular for its mean line of cars and the […]

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Chevrolet is popular for its mean line of cars and the Holden Colorado could be their biggest and meanest 4×4 SUV to roll on the road. The Colorado actually has a wide range of models, but for those who would love a smooth road adventure and travel tough off-road environments, then the LTZ 4×4 crew cab is the car for you.

 holden colorado


Our family loves a big vehicle as it does not only provides a comfortable ride but its cabin offers decent proportions all-round and good adequate storage options. My boys were quite impressed with the latest design, style and luxury of this vehicle. It is a dream car indeed for many but you have to get to know it in-depth to really fall for it. Despite its huge size, the Colorado is said to drive like a cloud, well big cloud if you must say. It has amazing torque, power and grunt that would make anybody want to step up. It has independent double wishbone suspension as well as coil springs at the front end and leaf springs at the rear for extra clearance which makes driving her completely comfortable and smooth all the way.


Driving this crew-cab can be tough; you need to pay attention when you are parking or while you are driving. Its monstrous size will make parallel parking and angle parking almost impossible to pull off. This parking dilemma has been fixed with the LTZ model, for a new reversing camera that accompanies rear parking sensors is one of its prime features.


The Holden Colorado LTZ 4×4 crew cab value, features, design and over-all performance as a do-it-all workhorse is definitely a best buy for the family’s new ride.

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Tips to Creating the Bathroom of Your Dreams Wed, 27 Aug 2014 19:34:19 +0000 When it is time to design your new bathroom, you must g […]

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When it is time to design your new bathroom, you must get it right. After all, it is likely to cost much money, and you will have to live with it for many years to come. A beautiful room can add value to your home and make it easy to sell in the future should you decide to.

You will see thousands of different suites and vanity units, and we cannot recommend one to you because everybody’s taste is different. But there are a few principles you should follow to make sure that your bathroom design will be a success.

Here are some top tips for creating the bathroom of your dreams.


The Kassandra Bay Hotel Interconnecting Family Room bathroom

Photo credit: Kassandra Bay Resort, on Flickr


Natural Light

As in any room, natural light is a vital feature in this setting. Many bathrooms have tiny windows that do not allow in enough light. Think about enlarging them before you start work on the interior remodelling. A new window frame is inexpensive, and it will only take a builder a day to enlarge the opening and install it. If they fit a new lintel, it might take two days, but that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme. The benefits of extra light outweigh the inconvenience of the building work.


Artificial Light

New LED light fittings are perfect for bathrooms. They work on low voltage, and many come with a suitable IP rating that makes them safe for moist atmospheres. These lights will make the glass, and expensive chrome fittings sparkle.



Nowadays it is possible to move your bathroom fittings to any location within the room. Texas Plumbing Diagnostics reckon that modern, flexible pipes can make the job easy. Here are a few things to consider when working on the layout of your project.


  • You will have to move the sewer pipe if you reposition the toilet. The pipe is usually six inches in diameter and is not easy to hide under the floorboards. It might be beneficial to leave it close to its original position to negate the need for extra boxing in the room.
  • We are so used to seeing bathtubs against a wall it is easy to forget that you can install one in the middle of the room. Roll top freestanding baths are en-vogue again and are a stunning feature in most settings, whether they are modern or traditional.
  • You have an opportunity to install two or more sinks for when there is a rush for the bathroom in the morning. This place is the cause of many arguments as people rush to prepare themselves for the day. When you consider the small cost, the argument for an extra sink is compelling.
  • Think about a separate shower cubicle rather than installing one over the bath. Install some high quality sliding glass doors.



The room must be tiled from floor to ceiling if you are to achieve the high-quality ambiance that you seek. The current trend is to use the same product on the floor and walls. Avoid those with intricate patterns; they make the room look smaller than it is. Designers often choose large tiles with natural patterns such as marble or slate.


With the knowledge here, you should be confident in your approach to the room. Remember though, just because you like bright orange, it doesn’t mean everybody else will. White is usually the best color for the suite. I wish you success in your latest project; it is an exciting time.

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How A Few Paving Stones Can Revamp Your Outdoor Spaces Wed, 20 Aug 2014 04:10:17 +0000 Many people say that we don’t spend enough time outdoor […]

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Many people say that we don’t spend enough time outdoors. That’s worrying, and it’s most worrying for children. If kids don’t spend time outside – and most of them don’t – then it can mess up their lives in the long run. They’ll get used to living indoors. They won’t get enough vitamin D from the sun. They’ll lose the art of outdoor play. They’ll become unfit. These are all terrible consequences of a life without the great outdoors.

You can help your children rediscover the joy of being outside. All it takes is a little care and attention towards your garden. Lots of us have gardens that resemble unkempt wildernesses, not areas where kids can play. That’s easy to solve. As it turns out, just a few creative uses of ordinary paving stones can turn your garden into a paradise fit for play. Here’s how.

image by Jim Champion on Flickr

You can use paving stones from Easy Pave in a variety of different ways. Let’s say you’re worried about monitoring your children if they’re out in the garden. Paving stones can make a fantastic patio. A patio at the top or bottom of your garden can be the perfect place to keep watch over your kids. You can also catch a few rays there without getting a wet backside from your grass. Another use for a patio could be as a place to socialise as a family. You could stick a barbecue on it and invite the neighbours round. That way, all the kids in the neighbourhood can get together and play in your back garden. All that, from the cost of a few paving stones!

Paving can also solve a few issues that may stop you from letting your kids outside. You can use them as stepping stones between the home and the garden area. That’s good for younger children, as it gives them a safe place from any thorns or nettles. There are lots of dangers in gardens, but stepping stones can act as a ‘safe zone’ for any children who can’t recognise hazards.

Child's play

image by Michael Tyler on Flickr

You should also consider using paving to act as a wall in larger gardens. That way, you can separate your garden into different areas. That can be a great way to give the children their own designated area in which to play. Walls are most useful for parents who grow plants or vegetables in their garden. They can act as a barrier, protecting the plants while encouraging the children to play. What’s more, giving the children a walled area of the garden can give them a sense of responsibility. If they’re in charge of maintaining their section of the garden, they’ll feel more mature. Encouraging responsible play is a great way for your children to move towards adulthood.

You might not think that a few paving stones can revamp your outdoor spaces into fantastic and safe play areas. As you can see now, that’s not the case. A garden is an asset to any home. Make the most of it. Your kids will thank you for it if you do.

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4 Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Outdoor Living Space Tue, 19 Aug 2014 07:41:18 +0000   There is a common fear among home owners that re […]

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Outdoor Living Space

image author: Darin Chamberlin on Flickr


There is a common fear among home owners that revamping the outdoor living space is going to do some serious damage to your bank account. This fear, usually results in an outdated garden, finished off with a couple of dying pot plants, and $10 chairs that you picked up from your local hardware store. It’s funny, we spend so much time and effort perfecting our interior areas, that we neglect the exterior – a space that should really be the extension of the inside, not the Amazon jungle. If the idea of entering your overgrown yard makes you cringe, perhaps it’s time for a makeover! Whatever your budget, here are some simple ideas to transform your garden into a relaxing oasis.


Freshen the Walls with a Coat of Paint

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for reviving and old space. If timber is already a feature in your backyard, you’ve probably noticed that without the right maintenance, they struggle under the harsh elements. You’ll firstly need to prepare the surface before you start coating over with a fresh lick of paint. Simply peel the existing paint, and lightly sand the area to provide a smooth base for re-painting.


Revamp Your Outdoor Accessories and Furniture

Unless you plan on keeping that plastic outdoor setting – which I’m assuming you don’t – a dining or lounge suite is essential to creating a relaxed and comfortable vibe. If you have pre-existing outdoor furniture that’s a bit faded, there’s nothing a colourful pop of fresh paint can’t fix. However, if you plan on purchasing a new suite, consider outdoor coverage for the wet months, or a product that is durable enough to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it. You could include a love seat for a private feeling, a wooden dining setting for potential dinner parties, and a large weather resistant umbrella to keep it protected.


Create a Magical Feel with Outdoor Lighting

Your home isn’t left in the dark, so why would you treat your outdoor space the same? The right lighting can truly make or break a space. If you’ve packed it out with a sea of bright lights, you’ll constantly feel like you’re under interrogation. If you’ve got a few candles sparingly placed around the yard, you’ll likely spill your supper. There are a plethora of garden lighting products to choose, with the favourite being weaving fairy lights around the trees to create a magical and whimsical ambiance. Another option is including inbuilt spotlights along your garden bed to create a light feature on your wall. Even if you have a limited budget, you can always opt for garden lamps and lanterns, which have a rustic appeal.


Make an Entertainment Area with an Outdoor Patio

Even the most inexperienced D.I.Yer has the ability to install a patio in their backyard. This is a highly effective way to dress any garden, creating a designated space for entertaining. Start from scratch with concrete slabs, wooden panels, bricks or tiles, or if you’re feeling a bit scared at the thought of arranging your space, call on a specialist like Additions Building to help you through all the planning and process.

Have you recently updated your garden space? What are your simple yet effective ways of sprucing up an area? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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Relax to Beat Insomnia Tue, 19 Aug 2014 07:07:10 +0000 Insomnia can affect many people. There are a few reason […]

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Insomnia can affect many people. There are a few reasons people develop the condition. For instance, stress, depression, anxiety, medications and medical conditions can bring it on. It’s unfortunate when it does, and it can seem that there is little to help a person who has insomnia. However, there are some things that can be done in the event insomnia is caused by depression, anxiety and stress. For other causes, medication may help.



Photo credit: David Castillo –


While the air conditioner and heating system may not instantly relax a person, it is necessary that a person feel comfortable in order to sleep. If an air conditioner or heating system is not functioning properly, a person who is already suffering from insomnia will be further discouraged from sleeping. It’s important to seek reparation climatisation Anjou and thermo pump Montreal immediately. In addition, a bed should be comfortable. Fresh clean sheets and other bedding makes the bed more enjoyable to sleep in.

Relaxation is important for sleep. Soaking in a hot bath or jacuzzi helps people who have insomnia because it helps them to relax. A mind and body needs to wind down. Warmth loosens up muscles, helps increase blood flow, reduces pain and creates good-feeling hormones that will help a person quickly fall to sleep.

People can get caught in a cycle of insomnia. Oddly what keeps a person up is made worse by a lack of sleep. When a person can’t get enough sleep, they are further stressed. Breaking the cycle is important. Remain calm if sleep doesn’t come right away. Focus on relaxing rather than focusing on sleep.


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Summer Picnic Party Ideas: How to Have Fun in the Sun Wed, 13 Aug 2014 08:22:28 +0000 No matter what you are celebrating, a summer picnic par […]

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No matter what you are celebrating, a summer picnic party is the perfect way to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. If you want to take the celebration outdoors, here are a few ideas for throwing a picnic party and having some fun in the sun.


Photo credit: Andreas Duess from Toronto, Canada


Play Summer Games

Nothing says summer like setting up a net and playing a casual game of volleyball or badminton with party guests.  Here are more picnic games for your summer shebang:

  • horseshoes
  • tug of war
  • pie-eating contest
  • three-legged race
  • Bocce ball
  • croquet
  • sack race
  • egg and spoon relay
  • scavenger hunt
  • capture the flag


Sunaptic Summer Picnic (July 2005) 018

Photo credit: Jame and Jess on Flickr

If it’s really hot, plan some water games to keep your guests cool and entertained. Some fun water games include the following:

  • Water Balloon Volleyball:Instead of a ball, use a water balloon. Get a partner and use a towel to catch the balloon (without popping it), and launch it back over the net.
  • Water Baseball:The ball is a wet sponge, the bases are large buckets of water.
  • Water Limbo:Have guests do the limbo, but use the water stream from a hose as the limbo stick.


Take Safety Precautions

No matter what you choose to do during your picnic, make sure your guests stay safe and healthy. Here are some safety concerns to consider:

Too Much Sun. Help guests have fun outside without suffering sunburns, dehydration, or heatstroke. Provide plenty of water, and encourage small kids to drink regularly—especially if they are running around playing games. Also provide sunscreen, and mention hats and sunglasses on the invitation so guests can come prepared.

Kids Wandering Off. When you are throwing a party with lots of children, there will likely be lots of chaos. It’s easy for children to wander off unnoticed, so create a system to help you keep track of your guests. Give everyone a buddy, and have them keep an eye on each other. Or give everyone a number and randomly call for a count off.

Food Allergies. Make sure you know about any food allergies or intolerances your guests have. Young kids may not remember or be vocal about the foods they are allergic to, so speak to their parents beforehand. Provide other food options for guests that can’t partake in the main dishes served at your party.

Bad Weather. Unfortunately warm summer months are not immune to bad weather. Have a backup plan in case it rains on your picnic. Don’t let kids play out in the rain if there is lightning.


Control the Insects

Another safety concern you should have as the host is bug bites and stings. To avoid them, and to keep harmless bugs from being a plain old nuisance, do everything you can to control the insects in your yard. Here are some ways to keep your party bug-free:

  • provide insect repellent
  • hang fly and wasp traps
  • light insect-repelling candles

If the party will be held in your home or backyard, consider calling a professional ahead of time. A little visit from a company like North Shore Pest Detective Ltd, an exterminator inVancouver, can go a long way in making your home and yard free of pests.


Decorate Your Yard

Once the activities have been planned, the guests invited, and the menu finalized, it’s time to consider the decorations for your picnic. Themes are a great way to create a friendly, summer atmosphere. Popular themes include rustic country decor, bohemian decor, and patriotic decor. Other common decorations for summer picnics include the following items:

  • flowers
  • pennants
  • strings of lights
  • Tiki torches
  • tablecloths
  • quilts (for picnicking on the grass)


Picnic parties are a casual way to enjoy agreeable company and enjoyable weather. Use these ideas and come up with your own to throw the perfect picnic and have some fun in the sun.

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Lucrative Business Ideas for Single Moms Sat, 09 Aug 2014 07:43:13 +0000 Being a mom has its own shares of joys and woes. To man […]

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Being a mom has its own shares of joys and woes. To manage the ‘job’ successfully, one has to learn how to multitask, more so if you are a single mom. You can’t just afford to enjoy the bliss of motherhood because you also need to foot the bills. This will require that you find a job. However, a mom must also take care of her kids. Most single moms face this dilemma. This is why home businesses make great small-scale business ideas for single moms. With some creativity and a small capital, you stand to survive the challenges facing a single mom like you.


business ideas


If you are looking for small-scale business ideas for single moms, here are a few worth considering:


1. Caring for your neighbors’ kids. Mothers are intrinsically caring and nurturing. You can capitalize on it to give you the opportunity to earn. If your home is already childproofed, you may not need to spend a lot on that aspect anymore. Go around the neighborhood and offer your service to fellow moms who would like to find a job if only someone can look after their kids. If you are active in the church or community projects, this will be an easy thing for you to do.


2. Cooking for your neighbors. How many of your neighbors wish they can enjoy a home-cooked meal when they sit down for dinner each night? All you need to do is talk to the working moms in the neighborhood about dinner deliveries or pick-ups with a menu for them to choose from. Now they need not worry about cooking when guests or friends from work or kid’s school will stay over to have fun, to do work or school projects. You can even go the extra mile by buying or renting food displays at Premier Rentals so that clients who personally go to your house to order can see firsthand the presentation of your delectable dishes.


3. Accounting work you can do at home. With the Internet, you can stay connected to your previous employers. If you are an accountant, you can still do this kind of work at home. You can also start within the neighborhood. Ask people engaged in small home-based businesses if they need help with their accounting; all businesses do. Offer a friendly, neighborly rate that will be hard to resist. You can also augment your income with online jobs that deal with medical claims billing for additional income.


4. Let your creative juices flow. If you are naturally artistic, visit websites that have online tutorials for various creative projects – making of aromatic candles, soaps, perfumes, and other crafts that you and your bigger kids will enjoy doing. Go to gift shops and supply stores for more ideas and materials. Stay online and learn how to use it to sell your products.


5. Use your gift of gab. If you have literary and writing prowess, know that there are many online opportunities for writing content such as – product descriptions, blogs, e-books, newsletters, sales copies, articles, and such. Almost each website needs content to attract visitors and generate traffic. If you are not a good writer, you look for freelance typing assignments and medical transcription jobs online.


6. Build your own website. If you have the ability to create a website, you can build one. You can also collaborate with other single moms who have abilities to make your website monetized. You need some technical knowledge about designing and developing a website. You also need someone to create content so as not to spend on paying a writer. There are a lot of free tutorials and tools that you can use to develop your site. Most importantly, make sure you choose a niche that has a demand and that you are passionate about.


These are just six of the many possible small-scale business ideas for single moms. Pick the one you think you are most passionate about and pursue it with passion and vigor. Soon you might see yourself in the position to help other single moms like you.


Photo Credit to: Sam Koop (Pinterest)

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Things You Must Do Before You Sell Your Home Wed, 06 Aug 2014 20:22:38 +0000   Are you about to sell your house? Maybe you are […]

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sell your home

image via Metro Centric on Flickr


Are you about to sell your house? Maybe you are taking your family to live in the country, or moving up the housing ladder in the same area. Before you put your house on the market, there are a few improvements you should make to the property and some other things to consider. We will identify some of them here, so that when your house goes up for sale, you have the confidence that you prepared to well and took care of vital details.


Estate Agents

You could sell your house independently, but it is fraught with problems and pitfalls. Find a reputable agent to handle the sale for you. They understand the business and the market, so they are in a better position than you to find a buyer. Here are a few things to consider before you use an estate agent in Leigh-On-Sea or Canvey Island.


  • Ask what their fees are. You will find most agents charge about the same, but should still compare the costs.
  • Find out what ratio of buyers and sellers they have on their client list.
  • Ask for contact details of previous clients to find out if their experience was positive. You might run up against the brick wall of data protection, but it is worth a try.
  • How long have they been in business? An agent that has been in the town for thirty years must do something right.


Home Improvements

You need to get the best price for your house that you can. The dilemma we all face is how much money to speculate. There are many improvements that cost more than you will recoup, so I suggest you ask your estate agent for advice. Here are some projects you should consider.


  1. Energy Performance Certificate. You must pay someone to conduct a survey and issue an energy performance certificate. The EPC gives potential buyers an idea of how well insulated the home is and how much it will cost to run over a year. You can improve the score by adding extra insulation.
    Before you start work on the energy efficiency of the property, check out the Green Deal scheme. You might be able to get much of the money you spend on many home improvements back.
    Start by putting extra insulation in the loft. It could cost under two-hundred pounds to complete.
    Insulate the cavity walls. You must get a contractor to complete the work, and you can expect it to cost between five hundred and one thousand pounds for an average semi-detached home.
  2. Decorate the house to make it fresh and clean. You don’t have to go to much trouble; a lick of paint will suffice. Concentrate on the front door and entrance hall where viewers will form their first opinion of your home.



You must clean and declutter your home. All of that stuff that you collected over the years probably makes the house look smaller than it really is. You must be ruthless in this task and discard anything that you haven’t seen or used for the last two years. That doesn’t include sentimental items, of course.


You should now be in a  strong position when the time comes to sell. Hopefully, you will find a buyer quickly and move to pastures new. I hope you find everything for which you search.


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Bon Voyage: How to Prepare for Living Abroad Wed, 06 Aug 2014 05:27:06 +0000 Whether a person is leaving with their family or alone, […]

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Whether a person is leaving with their family or alone, the secret to moving abroad successfully is preparation. To prevent a last-minute panic before departure, or objectionable surprises upon arriving at a new home abroad, getting ready for the move is vital.


Image credits: James Barker –


The move will be emotional for sure. From finding a new home, to packing up boxes, moving abroad can be both emotionally and physically challenging. Here are some important tasks a person should complete prior to making their move abroad.

Hire a reliable moving company
Individuals should be careful when researching for an international moving company. The company should be bonded and insured. In addition, the company’s policy for lost or damaged property, counting what percentage of the damages they will cover, should be investigated.

Make sure travel documents are in order
All documents such as passports, visas, and permits should be in order prior to moving. Visa requirements will differ from country to country. A quick Google search offers plenty of links that will set a person in the right direction.

Registering with the Embassy
Registering with the embassy prior to departure is important depending on which country the person is moving to. For example, for most European countries, Americans require no tourist visa, but a longer stay will require additional paper work. However, most people move abroad due to work or their spouse. Checking with the appropriate embassy to make sure everything is in order is best.

Visit the doctor
Depending on which country a person may be moving to, visiting the doctor is important. For example, some countries require shots against diseases carried by mosquitoes, and because some immunizations take a while to become effective, a person wants to be sure they are 100% protected before arriving at their new home.

Learn the language
It is probably best to learn only a few phrases of the language of the new country in the beginning if the dialect is different from the person’s mother tongue. It is difficult to learn a language well if one cannot speak it with others. Learning basic phrases like “hello” and “how are you” are good for starters. Once inside the country, taking language courses and being in a situation where one “must” speak the language will increase anyone’s foreign language skills.

Clear the clutter
Make sure you are only taking the essentials. A lot of what you’ll need you can actually get in your new place. Technology like your computer or smartphone might not work in certain areas either. Sell your iPhone to AppleShark or hold a garage sale to earn some extra money and get rid of things you won’t be able to take with you.
Other important things to take into consideration before moving abroad are the safety of the new country, the dress code, insurances, personal banking, and taxes. The paperwork is vital to getting started in a new home.


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