Desert Life: What No One Told You About Moving West


When someone moves out west to states such as New Mexico, Utah, or Arizona, getting used to living in a dry desert environment requires time. Individuals moving to dry desert areas also need to make changes in their daily habits to have a higher quality of living. The basic things the human body must adjust to are the hot temperatures and lack of moisture in the Read More

3 Simple and Safe Ways to Care for Your Kitchen

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When it comes to cleaning, the kitchen is the room that gets the most love. We all clean up after ourselves in the kitchen. But, do we really go to town on this room? Or, do we give it a quick wipe when it comes to the end of the day? It’s vital that you care for your kitchen. After all, it’s the heart of the home. But, it’s also a space to cook. So, with that, you want to Read More

Landscaping 101: Ideas To Transform Your Yard From Boring To Stunning

As a homeowner, you are most likely familiar with the tasks involved to maintaining your space. From washing windows to cutting the grass, it is easy to see how so many homeowners feel overwhelmed. Thankfully, when it comes to outdoor living and curb appeal, you may actually enjoy completing maintenance and updates. Using this guide, you can turn your landscaping and outdoor Read More

Family Pictures: Cute Ideas for a Winter Shoot

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Whether you need photos for next year’s holiday cards, or you suddenly realized that Mom hasn't been in any family photos in the last five years, a winter photo shoot holds plenty of possibilities. Some families shy away from family pictures this time of year since the weather is cold, and the days are shorter, but you can make your family photos truly special by incorporating Read More

On Your Own: Five Domestic Tips for a First Timer

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If you have never lived on your own before, you might find the experience both exciting and intimidating. Being away from what is familiar to you is an important part of growing up, but that doesn't mean you always feel ready for the change. When you are looking for apartments to rent in Liberty Village, take a moment to keep these important domestic tips in Read More