6 Tips to keep your kitchen clean

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The kitchen is the most important place at home. It is a place where we cook our everyday meal and is more likely to get dirty, greasy and messy. Keeping it clean and maintaining it is crucial for the overall health of your family.


Check out some of the interesting kitchen cleaning hacks detailed below:

  1.    Use your sink effectively

As you work in the kitchen, more vessels get used and cleaning up everything at the end is more challenging. The best way to make it easy is to fill up the sink with soapy water. As and when you finish using the vessels, dump them all into the sink. Let it get soaked, while you finish off the cooking. At the end rinse them off in the clean water and wipe it off.

  1.    Keep your oven clean

Oven tends to get very dirty as you use it often. Some of the clever tricks can make your life simple. Place an oven liner mat at the bottom of your oven. When the food is baking, it is prone to spill out or ooze out juices. An oven mat can hold all this and prevent the oven from getting messier. It is also easier to clean the oven mat when compared to the oven itself.

  1.    Keep the Fridge mess free

A fridge is a place where we store almost 50% of our kitchen items and hence, it is prone to get messy. Ensure to place a cookie sheet before placing a packet of meat, this can absorb dripping and avoid fridge contamination. Also, ensure to wipe off the fridge shelf space, before placing the bottles of dressing like salsa, ketchup, mayonnaise etc.

  1.    Place the cooking oil bottles carefully

If there is one thing in the kitchen which makes the place greasy, it is mostly the cooking oil. Make sure to place the cooking oil bottle on a plastic lid. You can simply use an old ice cream buckets lid for placing bigger oil bottles. For smaller ones make use of cupcake liners. This is for sure to save you from the pain of cleaning the greasy cabinets or shelves.

  1.    Keep your cabinets dirt free

No matter how great your kitchen design is, if not well-maintained it can screw up the overall look. We all dump in the kitchen essentials like plates, spoons, forks etc into the cabinet’s drawers. This can mess up the draws and make the cleaning a pain. To make your life easy, prefer storing all this in a removable plastic container inside the draws.  When you want to use all of it for your guests, you can just remove this storage box as it is, cleans the used items and put it back into the draw.

  1.    Other useful hacks

Use of slow cooker can save you so much energy and time. This can save you from scrubbing the crock down forever. To make the cleaning super easy, use a slow cooker liner. If you always wonder how to clean the used blender, fret not! Fill it up with soapy water and blend it quickly for few seconds. Voila! The blender is all clean in a snap.

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Winter Is Here: Tips For Staying Healthy & Safe This Winter

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Winter is a time to enjoy being warm inside your home, a time to re-energise after the busyness of the year and plan the next year ahead. Despite being a time for cosiness and great scarf weather, winter brings with it its own set of challenges. It is a time for getting cozy with friends and family but with this comes the added risk of infection and contagion with so many visitors coming in and out of your home. Viruses thrive in the cold weather, so making sure you know how to do your best to avoid coming down with something is more important than ever. To make sure you enjoy winter to the fullest, it’s important to know how to optimise your chances of staying safe in all weather, staying well and avoiding nasty illnesses.

Wash Your Hands

First and foremost, make sure you wash your hands after coming into contact with surfaces that you can’t guarantee are sanitised. Viruses that cause flu can survive on hard surfaces for 24 hours, so be sure to keep your hands washed and the surfaces throughout your home clean. When out and about substitute the sink, hot water and soap for hand sanitizer. Carry hand sanitizer with you as you leave the house and apply it at regular intervals during the day. You cannot be too careful where winter illnesses are concerned. Norovirus, otherwise known as the winter vomiting bug, runs wild in winter and the chances of contracting the virus peaks between November and March. Washing your hands vastly reduces your risk of infection since the chances of passing infectious agents to your face from your hands are cut significantly. It is by getting into your urogenital openings; such as your eye, mouth and nose, that microorganisms can spread and multiply in your body. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so stock on hand sanitizers, wash your hands and clean your house as often as you can.

Stay Warm

During the bleakest and bitterly cold months of the year, ensure you are warm and keep your house well heated and insulated. Respiratory infections can be exacerbated by staying in cold conditions, so it is paramount your living environment is kept warm for the sake of your health and happiness. If you have damp patches in your home and haven’t already sought resolve, then be sure to before the very wettest months are on you. It is preferable to stay wrapped up surrounded by blankets in front of the fire as often as you find yourself in the position to do so. Schedule and work-life permitting, you should try to settle down quietly and read a book or another restful pursuit instead of facing the elements outside. Think too about avoiding unnecessary visits to the doctor’s surgery, which are a hub of germs during the winter. If you require a repeat prescription for medications, then look at ordering online instead. You can save on going to see your doctor and browse on the web. Use eDrugSearch for example, and order your prescription drugs all while staying warm inside your own home.

Keep Fit

There’s no need to let your fitness regime slip just because it’s cold outside. If you’re one for usually running outside in the open, then sign up to become a member of your local gym. You can easily use their indoor facilities to continue chipping away at your goals and maintaining your level of fitness. Swimming is a great, low impact alternative to running should you wish to take advantage of the gym’s swimming pool through the winter months. Swimming is fun and plunging yourself into the jacuzzi afterwards should be high on your list. You should also try out the sauna and steam room. Sweating has long been utilised as a method of therapy, and as sweating increases circulation, it’s perfect to ease muscle soreness and ease arthritis pain. If this doesn’t sound quite like something you’d enjoy, then opt for body resistance training that is performed indoors.

Eat Well

You should always try to get a hearty breakfast, such as porridge. Oats and oatmeal boast a whole range of health benefits. For lunch have warming soups, homemade soups are a great way to increase your vegetable intake since you can blend any of your choices and make it quicker to consume the goodness you need from a variety of vegetables. Any vitamins and minerals that you require more of can found in pill form. Consider taking different supplements depending on any deficiencies you might have. Find these at wholefoods shops and go from there, consult your doctor before doing so, and once getting the go-ahead see how you feel after taking them.

Plan A Vacation

In the unfortunate event of you falling ill this winter, then having a short vacation already planned for the spring, for example, will give you something to look forward to when you’re not feeling well.  Once you’re out the other side of feeling rotten, then you can get excited about how you will spend your time away.

Stay Safe On The Roads

You should avoid driving in adverse weather conditions. With the cold weather comes the perils of driving on ice. Ice is unpredictable and can be anywhere on the road; just because you cannot see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Remember that stopping distances in rainy and icy conditions are greatly reduced. You should be aware and understand the danger of driving at these times. When driving on wet roads, the overall stopping distance is doubled, and when driving on ice is multiplied by ten. So, when driving on ice, you should stay ten times further away from the car in front of you than you usually would in normal dry conditions. During the winter there’s the possibility of snow, and when driving on such occasion, your vision is inexplicitly impaired. Much like snow, fog and sleet can be just as dangerous, so be aware, be safe, take care of the roads and drive more slowly.


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


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4 Ways to Turn Left Over Food Into Something Delicious

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So, you’re staring at a plate of leftovers from the night before last and you’re trying to decide whether you should throw them out or try to put them to good use. Even when money isn’t a concern, wasting perfectly good food just doesn’t feel right, but neither does forcing yourself to eat leftovers. Should you give it to the dog? Or perhaps the classic and common route – just put the lid back on and shove it toward the back of the fridge so you can tell yourself that you’ll do something with it later, only to eventually throw it out to make room for new groceries. To keep your perfectly good leftovers from meeting the same fate, consider the following four universal methods of converting leftover food into deliciousness:

BBQ Leftover lamb and chicken wings, salad and toast

1. Throw in Some Special Homemade Sauce

You can heat just about anything up in a pan and throw some sauce on it for a quick flavor revival and re-purposing works almost every time. Of course, sauce selection is important, but more important is the kind of sauces you’re choosing from, to begin with. Premade store-bought sauces can be good, but homemade sauces made to your liking are always going to be better. Start with the basics, like an easy BBQ sauce recipe, and once you have all the main staples, you can branch out to making fancier DIY sauces.

2. Make a Stew, Soup, or Broth

Stews and soups don’t have to look fancy to be delicious, and they have a way of letting you combine different kinds of leftovers into savory dishes. Suppose you have two kinds of leftovers in your fridge – the remnants of turkey and then a meatloaf dish from last night. There is no rule that says you can’t make a “meatloaf and turkey soup,” even though you might not have ever heard of it. Creating your own interesting soups is a good way to incorporate leftovers into your own unique culinary inventions. If you have some left, you can even repurpose the soup itself to have a dish that has literally been reincarnated twice!

3. Make a Sandwich Out of It

It’s amazing how two slices of bread, some sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a few other ingredients can turn just about anything into a filling and satisfying meal. Leftover fish dish? Make a sandwich out of it. Three-day-old mac and cheese? Reheat, add butter to remoisten, throw on grilled bread and call it a “mac and cheese sandwich.” The possibilities here are literally endless and they always seem to work out, as long as you don’t get too crazy with the ingredient mixing. Thanksgiving leftovers are especially good for making excellent sandwiches.

4. Opt for the Oven or Stovetop Instead of the Microwave

While the microwave provides a quick route that can be tempting, there’s no doubt that having some patience and heating up leftovers in the oven or on the stove produces more delicious results.

Give Left Over Ingredients a Chance

Throwing out leftovers or feeding them to a pet can seem like the easiest course of action when you’re comparing it to a freshly cooked meal in your mind, but there’s no reason why leftovers can’t be every bit as delicious when done right.


Image credit: Alpha – https://flic.kr/p/49x9EG

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Home Improvements That Should be Left to Professionals

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home projects

Completing projects around the house likely provides you with a personal sense of accomplishment. In addition to feeling as though you have reached a goal, you’re also likely intrigued by the prospect of saving money. Despite these benefits, tackling some home projects by yourself can leave you with a mess, and other ones are dangerous.

Electrical Issues

Trying to handle electrical problems without the help of a professional could cause a deadly electric shock. Even if you don’t injure yourself in the process, you might cause problems that could lead to fires later on. Improper wiring methods could cause problems down the road. You may also end up violating the National Electric Code if you attempt to take on these projects by yourself.

Plumbing Problems

You might think that taking out the plunger every time the toilet clogs will take care of the issues. However, if you notice yourself constantly plunging the bowl or unclogging your sink with baking soda and vinegar, a larger problem might exist. Working on the plumbing without background in the field could lead to a burst pipe or a bathroom that you can’t use.


After you get some quotes, you may discover that roofing is not as expensive as you once thought. Even if the price is higher than you wanted to pay, think about the greater assurance of safety you’re getting by hiring a team to complete this work. Instead of going up on a ladder to the roof and risking your safety, you can put your mind at ease by choosing a new roof from qualified professionals.

Central Air Conditioning

The thought of cold temperatures whirling through the house on a hot and humid day is probably intriguing. You may be so eager for this luxury that you attempt to install central air conditioning without assistance. Doing so could lead to a home environment that is more unappealing than it is comfortable.


While you want cooler temperatures during the warmer months, you want to avoid them when the temperatures start to dip. To ensure that the heating is installed properly and does not pose a hazard to your loved ones, let the professionals take care of this job.

Oven and Stove Repairs

From knowing how to properly turn off the gas to actually investigating the problem, issues with your oven and stove are best left to the experts. You also don’t want to waste all of that time having to buy all of your meals out. Check your warranty on the appliances, and you might not have to pay to get them repaired at all.

Lighting Fixtures

Putting in a light bulb by yourself is generally an easy task, but if you’re looking to install some new lights into the ceiling, you should work with a professional. You want to make sure that the wiring is done properly and that you don’t injure yourself in the process.

Hardwood Floors

Whether you are installing new floors or you want to refinish the old ones, you’re making a serious investment into your property if the floors are done correctly. People often look to purchase homes with wood floors, so this improvement could help you to have a quicker sale at a better price in the future. If you’re interested in the longevity of the floors and their potential to make you some work, spend a little more now to have them done correctly.

Tree Removal

Loose branches can pose a serious danger, and it’s no surprise that you would want to take care of them right away. Still though, it is easy to seriously underestimate the crushing weight of a limb. While you are having branches removed, you may want to look into the cost to entirely remove the tree. Doing so can prove to be a wise decision if the tree is in serious decay. A tree in that condition can pose more of a hazard than anything else.

Improving your home helps to make it a more desirable place to live, and doing so can assist you in selling the property at a later time. When it comes to certain projects, make sure you take the time to research and hire trained professionals.

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How To Choose An Engagement Ring That Suits Your Partner’s Life

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 engagement ring

It might not be one of the first things you think of, but buying an engagement ring that’s suited to your loved one’s lifestyle is important. They will, after all, be wearing it day in day out for the rest of their lives (hopefully!).

There are so many different day jobs and lifestyles out there. Some of them are better suited to certain styles and designs of engagement rings than others. That’s why it’s crucial to weigh up the pros and cons of each ring so you can decide which is best.

You might want to go one step further and opt for a custom design. This is not only a super special way to propose to your loved one but it also leaves more room for personalization. Diamond Brokers Queensland creates custom engagement rings so you can create rings that suit your loved one’s lifestyle perfectly. It will be an engagement ring made especially for them and their preferences both practically & aesthetically. Win, win!

Now, let’s break down the certain styles of engagement rings available on the market and how they suit certain lifestyles:

A ring for someone on the front line

By front line we mean if someone is in a position where they are constantly in view. This could be anything from a salesperson to a real estate agent. A ring to suit this lifestyle might be something big, bold and dazzling. There is little room for active considerations, so something a larger stone with a fancy setting will suit this individual perfectly.

A ring for someone on-the-go and active

If your loved one has a job where they are constantly using their hands to do things, you’ll want something a little more pragmatic. Maybe they work as a gardener, hairdresser or chef? If this is the case, engagement rings that don’t attract dirt or catch easily will be good. Also, think about rings that go underneath gloves easily.  

Someone who works with risk

Maybe your partner is on the other sort of front line. They could be in the security field or a police officer which is when a more discreet ring may be optional. So, a smaller stone that is subtle with a simple, delicate band will work a treat with this kind of lifestyle. If you wanted something with a bit more impact but still elegant, consider a row of smaller diamonds on the band.

Someone in the care field

This could be anyone from teachers to nurses and doctors. You will want a practical engagement ring that has limited sharp edges so there’s little chance of the ring getting caught. Think about setting where the prongs have the diamond set lower. This would save your loved one from having to remove their ring every time they are at work.

These tips should give you a good idea of what ring styles to keep in mind when you start your search. What’s more, when you speak to the jeweller ask them to list the pros and cons of having the chosen ring style for your loved one’s lifestyle. This will ultimately give you a bigger picture of whether its right for their day to day life.


Photo by Beth Solano on Unsplash

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