The World Of Make Believe; Cosplaying With All Your Heart

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It was just recently when the youth was able was able to come up with another way of expressing themselves through Cosplaying, an art of character portrayal. Their interest in anime and some other comic characters didn’t stop at collecting DVD’s, comic books and miniature toys. They themselves are dressing up just like their favorite characters and they are calling the act as Cosplay or short word for “costumed play”.

In this post, I’ll be featuring a dear family friend who is very much a cosplay enthusiast. Ms. Charm Paz, a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, says “Cosplaying is one of the many ways in expressing myself. Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances. you just have to live life to the fullest.” Like most cosplayers, she don’t get any salary from doing it and not all time it comes with a prize like any other costume contests. She just love to dress up, portray a character and join events as her past time activity.

The following are just some of the photos during Charm’s cosplay participation.

photo from the recent Toy Convention, December 15, 2012













The lady behind the costumes – Ms. Charm Paz

Cosplayers mostly young artists who do the act and dressing up became a famous art expression. They form certain groups and hold series of events or just merely participate in cosplay shows. Their passion in doing the costumed play drove numerous cosplay buffs to see their live performance and exhibit.  A fun-filled event that is wonderful to see – the world of make believe.


Photo credits: Ms. Charm Paz


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