Creating An Effective Trade Show Booth

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Many people might feel as though trade shows are no longer a good investment in the digital age, but they do still have their place and can be very effective as long as you come prepared and have a well-designed plan. One of the best ways to get a high return-on-investment on a trade show is to have an effective trade show booth. You need to decide what you’ll include in your booth, how it will be set up and what overall design you’ll be using. Educate yourself on the best and most effective trade show booth practices while you’re making your plans.

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Keep it Simple

Be careful that you don’t overstuff your booth. Even if your company or business offers a vast variety of products and services, you don’t have to include each and every one on the banners and signs for your booth. Simple is the most effective approach. There’s no bigger turn off to trade show attendees and prospective clients and customers than a booth that tries too hard to entice them and assaults their eyes with big flashy logos and designs.

Something else you’ll want to keep simple is the message you’re trying to convey to anyone who passes by your booth. Leave the marketing slogans alone and go with a customized message by investing in banner printing and having a simple logo or sign displayed on your booth. What’s the core message you want to convey?

Only Bring the Best

If you’re having trouble deciding on what products or services you’d like to include with your trade show booth, bring the best-selling, the most popular and crowd favorites. Trade shows are also a great time to let people know about some of your new and upcoming products and services. This is an excellent way to create a buzz and get people interested in your future plans. Show that you’re a company that’s always looking toward the future while ensuring that you’re still committed to past designs, products and services. People like to see a company that’s in it for the long haul.

Keep Things Moving

There’s a lot to see and do at a trade show, so you want to make sure that you get noticed. Create a sense of movement around your booth with a looping DVD on a large TV screen. You can also have a rotating display next to your booth as well. Whatever you do, make sure your visuals and attention grabbers are enticing and interesting and not annoying or too flashy. You want to get attention, but you want to make sure it’s the right kind.

Make Your Booth Intimate

A way to make your booth more inviting is to keep your area small and private. You want people to almost feel like they’re at home. This doesn’t mean that you have to have scented candles or a four-course meal offered at your booth, but you should at least think about having a table and chairs so that passersby can sit down with you and talk about your company. Walking around all day can be tiring, so people will be more comfortable and more willing to talk with you if they can do so sitting down. You might even want to have a few snacks and a water cooler so people can have some refreshment while they talk.

Plan your booth well in advance and be sure to have at least one customized banner or sign displayed somewhere on your booth to give it a more personal touch. You might not feel as though you have the funds to attend a trade show and pay for a booth, but can you afford to take the chance of passing up on new clients and business connections?

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  1. This is perfect for the promoters out there. These days, there are a lot of innovative designs available. Making your commodity visible is one thing, making people stay to inquire for more details is another.

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