3 Steps for Relaxing and De-Stressing

With the busy lives we live these days, it is easy enough to get tired, burnt-out and become stressed. And when you develop all these negatives in you, you are bound to become less productive, less inspired and less motivated to move around. Stressors will always be around us so we should learn to effectively handle it and avoid feeling awful because of it. Here are suggested tips for relaxing and de-stressing a tired body and mind.

When you feel stressed, the first thing that you should do is to breathe. Close your eyes then do breathing exercises. Meditate, inhale the positive energy that surrounds you and then you will feel you are exhaling stress, anxiety and negativity out of your system. You need to gain more energy because stress can easily make you feel down and low. Catching up on lost sleep can do wonders as you will wake up on a refreshed mind.

For you to let ease your anxiety and lessen the feeling of being uptight and stressed out, you simply have to put your attention on what’s in the present. Be aware of things around you, use your senses, smell, hear, see and feel. The present good and beautiful things around will calm you. Enjoy playing with your pet dog. Savor the aroma of what’s cooking in the kitchen. Enjoy watching a good movie or just simply have a relaxing walk around with your wife to breath in fresh air.

Lastly, try other relaxation techniques which will work for you and find yourself comfortable with. Going to the gym to do exercises, have a good body massage or try yoga.  These are just a few of the techniques that will be of great help to relax the mind and ease out muscle tension.

Question your intuition which is the best thing for you to focus on at the moment. Allow the answer to bubble up and notice the first thing that comes to mind. This may not be what you really want to do but it is something that will feel completely counter intuitive. Remember to work smart, to designate and manage time for everything, to enjoy a well balanced life, and live life to the fullest.

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