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3 Ways To Spruce Up The Doors In Your Home

The doors in your home add functionality, privacy and style to every room. Whether they are modern or traditional, they are an integral feature in your home. But unfortunately, they often get forgotten about and overlooked during redecorations. If your door does fit in or complement your new colour scheme and decor, it’s not going to look as good as you had hoped. So to give your newly decorated room a more finished look, you need to make the effort to spruce up your door. Take a look at these three suggestions to see just how easy it is to transform your doorways.


Clean and paint

Doors are often a place many of us forget to clean, and this can make them look drab and dirty. So before you do anything else, clean your doors. You can do this using soapy water and a sponge. Pay close attention to stains, fingerprints and scuff marks. Once the door is cleaned, check the condition of the paint. A lick of paint can make it look good as new and takes little time to complete. Choose a colour that suits your colour palette on both sides of the door. Then grab your brush and get painting. Anyone can do this upgrade, and it’s the perfect excuse to be bold with your colour choice.

Replace the glass

If you have glass within your doors that are cracked or broken, now is the time to change them. Replacing the glass is cheaper option than replacing the entire door while adding more light and colour. You could choose an elaborate stained glass design, which will add more colour to your room. Or you may prefer a simple frosted glass design if the door leads to a bathroom or bedroom. You can even have thicker glass installed as an extra safety feature to your home. This work should always be carried out by a professional to reduce the risk of accidents. Visit glass replacement specialists websites such as http://www.sheerwaterglass.co.uk/ for more information.

Door handle

Change the handles

Door handles are obviously used to gain access. But they can also add interest and style onto the door itself. So if you don’t want to replace the door entirely, a new door handle can be simple and cost-effective solution. There are countless options to choose from, including coloured glass, metals, and tiled handles. So consider the feel you’ve already created within the room first before buying a new handle for the door. You can find a number of door handles from online retailers such as http://georgehill-timber.co.uk/. Or if you want something more unique, head to local antique and vintage fairs. You might also want to consider changing the rest of the doors hardware such as the hinges and screws. This will ensure every aspect of the door is more in keeping with your design.

Hopefully, these easy methods will have given you some much-needed ideas and inspiration. Not only will they look better, but they will also change the atmosphere within your rooms making them feel more coherent. So which ever method you decide to use, get your door transformation started today.


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