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5 Balcony Design Tips: Get Your Own Luxurious Oasis Of Relaxation

Did you know that it only takes a few creative ideas and the courage to apply them in order to completely transform your balcony? Regardless of the fact that you want to put together a garden or simply make the balcony a place for coffee and relaxation, this small space that most of us use for storage, can become a small piece of indoor design heaven.

Balconies can be large or small, but most of the time we don’t know what to do with them. That’s why is important to have a basic plan and build onto that. Also, you must be very careful with the space you have available and you must think ahead if you want to transform it all into an oasis of relaxation.

Since there are many possibilities, but when you start planning, the job may seem a bit more difficult than expected, we put together 5 great ideas that are quite easy to implement. Also, you’ll have a luxurious space to enjoy every time you want to relax!


#1: Oriental Luxury

The oriental style in the interior design means combining comfort with luxurious textures and rich colors. So, if you like the style, but you find it too much for the inside, the balcony may be the perfect location to apply it.

Even more, since the oriental design is so luxurious, you’ll get the chance to play with colors and textures, creating your own small palace where to relax like a king. Start with a small rug and then try to add a sofa in one of the corners. Next, fill the place with colored pillows and you can even be bold enough to search for a small oriental table at your local antique store.

#2: Balcony garden

If you love green but your balcony is too small to add all the plants you would want, think vertical. If your balcony has a concrete wall, you can cover it with climbing vines that will look gorgeous from spring to autumn. Also, stick with plants that grow on the vertical – these will create the idea of space.

#3: Space for coffee

If your idea of a relaxation space also includes coffee, think about adding a small table and two comfortable chairs to the balcony. If the space is very small, simply mount a board on one of the walls and replace the chairs with big pillows for sitting.

#4: Extra colors

Do you know those balconies that everybody admires? They are filled with beautiful flowers that go over the balcony and attract the eye with a powerful combination of colors. Well, that balcony could be yours! All it takes is a few pots with flowers (secured) on the wall and you can have your own urban garden balcony.

#5: Redefine your outdoor space

If you really love landscaping, your outdoor space on the balcony could be completely redesigned. For instance, you could use decorative pebbles to create areas for each group of plants. Also, combining pebbles of different colors, you can create a wonderful pattern that everyone will admire.


As you can see, the balcony is a space that can be easily transformed into an oasis of relaxation. You only need a bit of creativity and a plan that will help you get started.

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