5 Car Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Car Driving Like New

Upon purchasing a new car, you absolutely love the way that it runs. You feel as though no problems could ever happen with this vehicle, and you’re just thrilled to be driving it. Cars do not maintain themselves, however. In order to ensure that it keeps running in this condition, you must follow these tips.

Checking the Oil

On a regular basis, you should check to make sure your car has enough oil. If it doesn’t, the engine could actually seize. Checking it is not enough though; you also must go for regular oil changes at your mechanic shop or car dealership. If you don’t, the oil will become dirty, and this isn’t good for the car either. When you check the oil by yourself, you must wait until the car cools down, or hot oil could splash up at you.

Rotating Your Tyres

It’s also important to rotate your tyres on a fairly regular basis. You should speak with the dealership or shop from which you purchased the car to figure out how frequently you should do it for this specific car. Essentially, rotating them helps to even out the wear. By moving front tyres to the back and vice versa, the tyres are able to have a longer life and prevent you from having to spend money on new ones so soon.  

Maintaining the Belts

Yes, it’s very important to ensure that all of the seatbelts are safely working in the car, but that’s not what we are talking about there. You must also check the belts in the engine on a regular basis, or have a mechanic do this for you. Essentially, at some point, you are going to have to replace one or them or more. Just like a belt that people wear, these car belts begin to get worn down after they have been used for awhile.

Checking Other Fluids

Quite similar to the way water functions in the human body, cars need fluids in them to keep them going. For example, they need coolant to ensure that the vehicle does not overheat. Most of these fluids are available in the stores, but be sure you know the correct amount to put in. Remember, whenever you are checking fluids, you must wait until the car cools down, or the hot liquids could splash up at you.

Keeping Your Maintenance Appointments

If you bought the car at a dealership, you probably have at least some maintenance appointments built into your package. Do not miss out on these. If you do, you might find that your car begins to lose its “new” touch earlier than it should, and you might not be eligible for some of the other benefits in your warranty or contract.

When you want your car to keep running like new, you will follow these maintenance tips to ensure that problems are taken care of before they arise.

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Timothy Kendle is a Mechanic from Brisbane, Australia. He says that if you take the time to maintain your new car it will look and drive like new for many years to come. If you are in the market for new tyres, Timothy recommends visiting Jax Tyres to take care of all your needs.

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