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5 Reasons Why Soundproofing Windows Is Good for Your Health

soundproofing windows

Getting some peace and quiet is not an easy thing to accomplish in our time, even when living in a suburban area. In developed countries, industrialization has brought machines and electronic devices inside and around every home. And, all of them are generating noises, from a constant hum that drives you insane to noise pollution.

Let’s be honest: achieving a state of tranquility in our world is unlikely. But, there are ways we can reduce the noise and turn our homes into a small oasis.

Soundproof windows are one of the best solutions.

What Is Noise Pollution After All?

Noise pollution occurs when human or wildlife activity is disturbed by excessive noise exposure over prolonged periods of time. This is an environmental problem as well as a health one since it affects the natural rhythm of both individual human lives and the environment as a system. Besides the evident effect on our hearing ability, noise pollution can lead to an entire list of non-auditory problems.

Here’s a list of them and how soundproof windows can help you avoid them.

  1. Hearing Problems

According to one study on noise pollution effects on health, exposure to continuous noise can lead to a progressive hearing loss. Our ears and brains are adapted to a certain amount of environmental noise, and when this limit is exceeded, the organs gradually lose their sensitivity, and the brain no longer filters the noises properly.

By limiting the amount of noise that gets inside your home, soundproofing windows are not only an excellent investment for your mental well-being but your ears’ health as well.

  1. Sleep Disorders

Your sleep patterns can be affected if your bedroom lets outside noise in or if you have electronic devices that generate hums or noise in the room. The effects of disrupted sleep are fatigue, low performance at work and irritability. Your brain can shut off traffic noise during the day, but at night it perceives it at its worst.

Soundproof windows can help you get rid of traffic noise pollution and greatly improve your sleep quality.

  1. Higher Incidence of Cardiovascular Disease

When the noise levels are constantly above a reasonable limit, our stress levels go up. The body reacts by raising the blood pressure and heart rate. According to one ample study, more patients with heart and vascular problems have been admitted to the hospitals and health clinics in areas with high noise levels that in the neighborhoods where noise pollution is not that pronounced.

Installing soundproof windows can do more than just ensuring you rest properly every night. It can protect your heart’s health too.

  1. Disturbance in Communication

Communication is crucial for your performance and productivity, especially when working in a group.  Any barrier to communication will affect entire processes in your work and make your day more difficult. Noise can be one of the most troublesome forms of disturbance, as it leads to misunderstandings and brings out strong, negative emotions.

Whether you’re working from home or a 9-to-5 job, soundproofed windows can make a significant difference in your work performance.

  1. Noise Pollution Affects Your General Quality of Life and Mental Health

High noise levels can lead to psychological symptoms in both children and adults. You might notice how a chaotic, noisy environment makes you jumpy, edgy, tired and impatient. If you add this on top of your normal work or school challenges, your mind gets overwhelmed in time, and soon you will need coping mechanisms.

Since it’s not always possible or easy to choose your working and living environments, you have to deal with excessive noise directly. Some jobs or situations can allow you to wear sound canceling headphones, but it is not always applicable or comfortable. Soundproofing your windows is the most straightforward improvement you can add to your house or work place.

Whether you use home-made improvisations or hire a specialized company to improve your home, any decrease in the noise levels will have a dramatic impact on your quality of life.

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