5 Tips to Keep Customers Happy

The key to a successful store is to make your customers happy and to keep them that way. Happy customers will frequent your store more regularly. Happy customers will stay longer in your store and will also spend more money than their unhappy counterparts. So, how do you achieve happy customers?




Attractive Design

Having a good store layout and attractive displays is a huge part of creating customer satisfaction. You need to create an atmosphere that your clients really enjoy. A cluttered and confusing layout will create frustration in your customers rather than happiness, so go for a layout that is spacious, interesting and logical.

There is absolutely no doubt that good design attracts people. Employing the services of expert store designers like Tu Projects represents good value for money, especially when one considers the importance of an attractive design in creating happy shoppers that will want to stay longer and spend more money.


A Comfortable Place to Sit

Shopping can be a tiring business so it’s always a good idea to offer a comfortable seat for exhausted shoppers. You need to do everything you can to encourage visitors to your store to stay longer, so if that means giving them a comfy place to sit and take a breather, then a comfortable chair is a very worthwhile investment. Many shoppers take along a partner or friend to help them make a purchase decision when shopping. These folk often tire after a few hours of opinion giving. Offering them a nice place to take a rest will make your store memorable.


Free Wi-Fi

Like it or not modern consumers have their smartphone glued to their hand even when they are shopping. Providing free wifi will encourage internet savvy customers to stay longer. Shoppers are dependent on their electronic devices and will generally stay longer if they can enjoy freewifi. In fact, not offering wifi may even lose you customers. This trend is not going to go away any time soon. Free wifi is a cheap and easy way of keeping clients happy.



Good music makes people happy. If people are bopping along to the tunes you are playing they will definitely stay in your store longer. Conversely, bad music will drive out customers quickly. The kind of music you play is very much dependant on your target market. Make sure your music is relevant to your clients. It is also important to make sure you have the volume set correctly. A younger audience will enjoy louder sounds, while an elderly customer base will probably be turned off by music that is played too loudly.


Great Service

Without doubt, one of the most important ingredients in creating happy customers is great service. Attentive staff (which does not mean pushy) will go a long way to improving your customer experience. Staff that will go the extra mile for clients are the greatest asset a business can have and will keep customers coming back time and gain.

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  1. Happy customers = returning customers. That should be the goal of every business, to retain their customers.

    Offering quality products is #1 for me followed by customer service.

  2. I love all of your pointers to keep customers happy. Believe it or not my husband thinks that all restaurants and mall have free wi-fi to avail. I kinda agree so we can surf even on the go without going overboard our data plan.

    xx, – a Lifestyle blog by Angela Bethea

  3. I usually go with the great service and being friendly as well. The WiFi is a big points as well to make the customers happy 🙂

  4. So true that business owners must go an extra mile to keep their customers happy. To have loyal customers, give them more than they expect.

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