5 Tips to Maintain Better Eating Habits during the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic does not only have a great impact on global business and economy but has wrought disruption to everyday lives like significantly changing the family lifestyle and eating habits.

With the implementation of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders in place, family routines and activities have notably changed. Having less time for outdoor activities led to a sedentary lifestyle which triggered overeating and bad food choices.

Since Novel Corona Virus will not go away in an instant, We, as parents have to start creating and implementing a positive and healthy lifestyle for our family. We have to stop treating every day like a weekend. So, here are my 5 tips on how to maintain better eating habits during the pandemic:

Use the weight scale

To maintain and set a plan for healthy eating habits, you must first evaluate your family’s eating behavior. What food do you put on the table, what do they eat as snacks, how often do they eat, and more.

It is also important to check on each family member’s ideal weight for us to know who’s gaining too much weight and who’s needing to gain weight. Recommended ideal weight depends on age and gender.

Another way to check is to keep your waistline in check, change out of your pajamas. If your work pants still fit then you are still on your desired weight. However, be reminded that even if you are maintaining your desired weight, it does not necessarily mean that you are healthy as you need also to check on what you are eating.

Plan your Meals to maintain better eating habits

Make an effort on planning meals for your family. Research on guidelines for proper recommended daily nutrition. A healthy diet is vital if you want to lose weight.

Reduce serving processed meat products such as bacon, sausage, ham, or salami.

Limit red and fatty meats and full-fat dairy products. Make a habit of always reading the nutrition labels when buying food.

Limit the intake of sugar and salt, opt for whole grains rather than refined foods.

Always include vegetables and fresh fruits in your family meals.

Keep hydrated

For optimal health, ensure drinking lots of fluids. Encourage family members to drink water instead of sugar-sweetened sodas and beverages.

As much as possible, limit or avoid alcoholic drinks especially for senior adults.

eating habits

Best foods to eat to conquer cravings

The sedentary lifestyle led young children to be couch potatoes gaining weight, a study shows that many young children are gaining 20 to 30 pounds in a year. Because they have limited activities, they tend to always hanker for something to eat even though it’s not yet mealtime.

Conquer cravings by making good choices and eating right.

If your child asks for something sweet, hand them a fruit or a whole wheat muffin. Set their snack time and stick to the schedule.

For young adults who sleep less and snacking more throughout the day, chewy options can be an ounce of nuts, crunchy celery, or carrot sticks.

If you crave a cake, it might not harm if you allow yourself with no more than a slice. So as with one square of chocolate just to satisfy that craving.

Snack bags can be helpful to avoid overeating. Making a snack bag for your kids is a healthy option at the same time will save you time for your other chores.

Buy less takeout food, cook more

To support local eateries, many of us are choosing to order in meals. This is okay for a change of pace but not daily. It is healthier to have home-cooked meals.

Make cooking a family activity. Teach your children how to cook or bake. Involving family members in preparing family meals is a good time to bond more.

It is public knowledge that emotional eating is one of the major causes of being overweight. You eat not because you’re hungry but you use food to help you deal with stressful situations. Instead of eating, drink a warm tea. Get active and stay busy, exercise instead of stress eating.


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