8 Most Common Fashion Mistakes

In order not to be a laughingstock we need to be aware of the most common fashion mistakes. Wearing the proper attire according to the occasion or activity is a general rule to follow.
Before going to an event, make sure to know the details if it is a cocktail party, a business meeting, a formal gathering or simply a get together happening, then make a habit of planning ahead and choosing the clothes to wear.
First general mistake is wearing new trendy clothing that does not fit your age and personality. “Hindi porke uso, e bibilhin at pilit isusuot kung hindi naman babagay”, just for the sake of showing everyone that you’re in fashion.   Many types of apparel are in vogue these days but not each of them is appropriate and will look good on us. When shopping and you want to get the stylish clothes, make sure you fit it first, look yourself at the mirror and ask your companion’s opinion on how it fits and look on you.
Second mistake is matching the wrong color combination. Solid colors are okay as long as you blend it well. Most neutral colors look pale and lousy when combined with another neutral color. Patterns and prints will look more interesting.
Third is bad fit, I once happened to buy a blouse that makes me look like a “suman” . I did not wear it;  instead I gave it to my niece and the blouse fits her nicely. Clothes which are too fit or too big looks unflattering.  If in case you really like the clothes, you may have it repaired by a tailor for you.
Fourth mistake is matching the wrong shoes. Pair the right kind of shoes with matching colors according to your apparel.  That is, clogs, sneakers or rubber shoes worn for jeans and shorts, while stilettos for semi-formal to formal dresses. High heeled shoes are best for formal occasions.
Fifth, wearing sweaters and jackets, go for a cute cardigan, sweaters or wrap that will not let you look over casual and shapeless.
Sixth, it is very comfortable to wear T-shirts and Jeans.However, it is best recommended to consider and look for a shirt that will accentuate you.  The one size fits all or the free size is okay to buy as long as the fitting is not too big and lousy when worn. Recommendations are: opt for blouses or select shirts that will emphasize or enhance a becoming appearance.
Seventh, bags need not be a signature brand, as long as it looks tasteful and big enough for your things. Choose a bag that will harmonize your garb.  Usually same bag and shoes color blends well.
Eight, proper wearing of makeup: during daytime it should be worn light and heavy during night events. Not all lipstick shades will complement our skin and face. Experiment on the best shade that will make your lips attractive and sexy. Do not overdo a make up.
Bad style habits can be corrected.  We just need to be aware of the dos and don’ts. For me, first impression is very important especially when it comes to business deals and meetings. Dressing with good taste will show a dignified and respectable look. We don’t need to buy expensive clothes, bags, shoes and other fashion gadgets just to look classy and beautiful .

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  1. hahaha mama joy ako laging ganuun I always buy the wrong dress for me but fit for those I gave, and sometimes I like naman yung mga damit na nakikita ko sa ibang tao hay

  2. minsan kasi nagmamadali ako bumili, due to time constraint, di ko na napi-fit basta yun size na lang tinitignan ko, i learned my lesson kasi kahit tama yun size pero yun style ng damit, maliit pala for my size 🙁

  3. naku! my sons and husband are my best critics when it comes to the clothes i am wearing, they will tell me upfront if they did not like it ahaha

  4. i normally buy clothes loose-fitting clothes.  they kinda camouflage my big tummy.  and i'm into dresses as well. i feel much more comfortable in dresses over jeans. 

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