Are You Fighting With Your Mother For A Higher Hemline?

Your mother will always have a problem with the length of your hemline – as long as you are in your teens or early 20s. It is only natural for her to be concerned, but this can be a problem especially when all your friends are wearing the latest sexy prom dresses and you’re having constant arguments just to wear yours. The solution to this problem is to compromise with a balance between chic and sexy. Your mother is probably only concerned about your safety and well-being, so it is important to keep her feelings in mind too.

When searching for prom dresses you will have to look for a style that enhances your feminine forms, but that is cut in a somewhat conservative way. By choosing a longer dress with a higher cut means that you have compromised; and this doesn’t mean that you can’t look absolutely fabulous. Just look at Kate Middleton’s wardrobe – because she does exactly this.


This season’s Maxi dresses are flying off the hangers just like they did last year. With a wider range of designs to choose from you can still go for some vibrant colours that look both young and chic. These are full-length cuts that most certainly your mother will have no problem with. As you can see, life isn’t over when your mom tells you not to wear short-cut dresses – for there are so many fashion options out there that will make both you and your mom happy!

Then you could also consider wearing something like this elegant summer dress, shown on the photo above, which will do a lot for your figure without being provocative. There are many trends like this, such as vintage glamour and other chic classics, which can still impress people without having to lift your hemline.

For more style ideas, there are many online stores that sell a wide range of designs and patterns that cannot be found in high street stores. If you want that individual look then the Internet could be a fabulous place to not only get a great bargain, but also get something completely unique compared to what everyone else is wearing.

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