Four Great Design Ideas for Living Rooms

Living rooms are the most social spaces in our home. They can be used for a variety of purposes; they can be where you watch television, play games, or socialize. If you are strapped for space but don’t have the funds to move, living rooms can even be converted into a loft space if they have high enough ceilings. There are so many ways that you can improve your living room design to transform its function, and all you need to do to start is to follow this guide.

Design Ideas for Living Rooms

Low On Space? Create a Converted Loft

There are so many reasons you might need to convert your living room space into a different functional space. Perhaps you are low on funds and want to update your living room into a studio space, or perhaps your child has come home after college and needs more space. By adding a mezzanine bedroom to your living room, you can maximize space and transform the home you have so that it has one extra bedroom for future guests and family to enjoy.

Add Custom Shelving to Maximize Use

Storage is always a key component to a happy home. Families grow and with them, so do their memories, keepsakes, and belongings. By adding custom shelving and storage, you can seamlessly integrate more storage that you need in a way that is beautiful and functional. Not only that, but you can add design and flair to any room with them. In your living room, add shelving and storage on either side of your fireplace. Or perhaps add a wall unit with a comfortable window seat area next to the window for a cozy reading nook. By integrating storage solutions with seamless design, you improve the desirability of your living room and the overall function of your home.

Open Up Your Living Room

Open living plans are great because they are social. If a wall separates your living room and dining room or kitchen, consider opening the space up. That way you can bring in more air, light, and flow into your home. Just remember that when you open up your living room, you need to consider the design. You want the flow to be seamless and easy to maneuver around in, and to achieve this, it might mean redesigning your kitchen or living room layout to make that happen.

Make it The Epitome of Coziness

The more social the space, the more you get out of it. That is why the living room should be both comfortable and inviting. Add in a heavy, thick rug to tie the space together, invest in comfortable couches and armchairs, and bring in blankets. This is particularly useful in winter. The cozier the space is through design; the more people will want to stay there.

There are so many things that you can do with the design of your living room, from completely reinventing the space to adding in more storage so that the rest of your home can breathe. To help you design the perfect space for you, however, start with a mood board. Collect ideas, patterns, and materials. This way you can design an incredible living room that is beautiful, functional, and perfect for you.


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Essentials for Every Woman’s Wardrobe

With all of the options out there, it’s hard to narrow your wardrobe down to the essentials. It’s nearly impossible not to buy one of everything because it’s all fabulous. When you find yourself sifting through your massive closet without anything you want to wear, try focusing on just a few versatile items, or stop up on anything that you don’t already have, keeping it simple and stylish.

Woman’s Wardrobe

White Tops

A plain white tee shirt is perfect for a day out. Pair it with a jacket for the evening, and you have a timeless outfit for any venue. White tees go great with denim, dress pants, skirts, and anything else in which you feel comfortable.

A formal white shirt is a must as well because you can dress it up with formal slacks or dress it down with denim. Under a form-fitting blazer, it’s classic.


You need the perfect pair of jeans. There’s no way around it. Whether you wear them a lot or not, a classic, comfortable, slimming pair of denims is a go-to item for casual wear. Gap is a great place to find these. They’re affordable, and they last.

Hot summer days call for the most comfortable and stylish pair of denim shorts you can find. They look super cute with summer tops.


This goes without saying, but you need a little black dress that flatters your figure because you can wear it to almost any formal event, no matter what the style. It’s essential. Full stop.

Summer colours brighten every day, and you also need to have a fun, flowy summer dress to flit around town in comfort and style. Under a leather jacket or a blazer, you can really make it edgy and modern.


A blazer that flatters your figure will dress up any outfit from your summer dress to your white tops. It keeps you warm, it’s easy to throw on for a business meeting or an evening out, and it works for just about everything.

You can jazz up any bland outfit with a leather jacket, too. It’s edgy and awesome.


You must have one classic black heel. Find something comfortable, because you can wear it with anything else we’ve already discussed. Whether they’re peep-toes, stilettos, or pumps, pick something that flatters your feet.

A comfortable pair of canvas sneakers might seem like something a mom would wear, but they’re super cute and go with jeans or pencil skirts. In the right colour, they’re the perfect accessory for running errands.

Sometimes you want to dress up, but you don’t want to kill your feet. In that case, get yourself a nice pair of neutral ballet flats. Nude is a great colour choice for coordinating with blacks, browns, and blues.

Trousers and Skirts

Formal trousers fit well, are slimming, and offer a great business or formal solution when you don’t want to wear a dress. You’ll look feminine and sleek with a cute blouse and the right accessories.

Pencil skirts are business enough for the office and party enough for the club. Right above the knee is the perfect length for both. Keep it modest and pair it with the right top, and it’ll be very versatile.

Black tights are a must because, well, everyone needs black tights. Under a pencil skirt, under your denim shorts, or under any dress, they keep you warm or change your look completely.


A classic leather belt will look great with your denims or around your waist with a dress, the perfect belt is versatile and can create many looks.

The same with a scarf. Not only can it brighten up an outfit, but it can keep you warm and can be worn in many ways.

A watch is a timeless accessory that every woman should own. The simpler and more feminine the better. You can wear stud earrings with any outfit. They’re simple and understated, but lovely and charming. Red lipstick turns any dull outfit into a ritzy event. Be bold and wear it all the time.

This should get you started. Many of these items you can find at retailers like Gap. They’re affordable and fashionable. Try stocking up on these essentials and wearing them more often.


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Ways to Fight for a Fairer Inheritance

Challenging an unfair will might seem a little daunting at first but with some help and guidance, you can be well on your way to knowing exactly what to do. Believe it or not, it’s actually quite common for people to dispute a will for numerous reasons.


One of the most popular reasons why someone would argue is because they haven’t been sufficiently provided for by the relative or loved one. There are lots of different elements involved. However and when things seem unfair, it’s best to get solid advice on what to do.

Searching for experienced and quality will specialist lawyers is one of the first things you should do. Before you even start with the steps below, researching and talking to a specialist lawyer will give you a head start in the process. They know exactly what to do and have done so countless times.



Many would assume that receiving an inheritance is a happy day. However, if things seem a bit unfair, it can be the exact opposite. Here are some steps you can take to start the ball rolling in the dispute process:

  • Get clued up on the rules

There are certain parameters given if you want to challenge a will and researching into these is a great first step. If a client approaches, a law firm will determine the individual’s circumstances first and see if there are any cause for complaints.

Issues might arise, for example, when the family doesn’t expect the terms spoken about in the will. Another issue may arise when the will was written without any professional help. There are several other circumstances but looking into this is an essential starting point.

  • Search for legal advice

If you believe you have a viable case on your hands, the best thing to do is search for a legal service to help. They will also give you advice on anything you can do right here and now to stop money or assets getting into the wrong hands.

  • Hold discussions with the beneficiaries

Another thing you can do is start talking to the beneficiaries and people involved. In this case, you might be able to come to an agreement by yourself and negotiate without the help of a legal professional. If a conclusion cannot be reached, then it’s best to seek outside help but prepare to pay fees for it.

Contesting a will can be an emotional and tricky situation. When there are grey areas and at the time of a loss, the last thing someone may want to do is argue a will. However, doing so can prevent further pain and aggravation down the line.


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How to Make Moving Homes Easier for You and Your Family

Moving Homes

When you have a family, you often want to make decisions that will positively affect them. As a result, you may find that your thinking is shifting and your thoughts are drifting more to the future and how you can provide a better life for them. One of the steps many families often take to do this is buying a new home or moving to a bigger and more comfortable space. You and your family may be at this stage presently, and it’s possible that you’re looking for ways to reduce the anxiety you’re feeling about moving. To help you out, this article is going to tell you how you can make moving homes easier for you and the family.

Get Everyone Involved

When moving homes, you can make it easier for both you and your family by getting everyone involved and making it a family affair. You can start by creating a to-do-list over dinner which outlines all of the steps you need to take when moving homes. It is advisable that you write everything possible down so that you don’t end up forgetting key things. You may want to include items like cardboard boxes, a system for packing possessions so they don’t get lost, and a moving timeline.

Use a Reliable Solicitor

Another key aspect of moving is the sometimes boring and legal side of things, especially if you happen to be buying a new home. It’s important that you find a reliable solicitor who can handle all of the legal matters associated with buying a new property. You could start by looking for a reliable conveyancing solicitor in Lincoln who you feel is capable of handling your unique home purchase. This should help reduce the likelihood of mistakes which could result in stress and chaos.

Do What You Can Digitally

In this day and age, it seems you can do almost anything online, and this can often work in your favour. This is especially true if you happen to have a family and don’t have as much free time as you’d like as a result. To help save you time and stress when moving homes, try and do as much as you can online. This includes looking for properties to view, liaising with your solicitor, paying any fees and organisng moving vans.

Get Them Used to the New Environment

When you’re moving houses with kids, it’s important that you find ways to get them excited about the new move. One way to do so is by exploring the area with them. You could decide to discover what nearby activities there are or get acquainted with your new neighbours. In addition, perhaps think about planning a party or hosting an event in your new area as well.

Take Your Time

Unless the reason for you moving is urgent, remember that it’s okay to take your time. Moving with your family is a big deal, so it’s something that you should try and avoid rushing if you can help it. Instead, create a realistic timeline that takes both your finances and time into consideration. That way, you’re able to make moving a gradual process instead of a race.

Moving homes with your family isn’t an easy thing to do. However, as mentioned above, making it a family affair and taking your time could make it a lot easier. Hopefully, by doing so, you should be able to move in easily.

How to Make Your Family Dynamic Work After Divorce

Make Your Family Dynamic Work After Divorce

Divorces can often get ugly. You can get blinded in your attempt to hurt your partner that you use every tool at your disposal. This can, unfortunately, include using your children as a way to hurt your ex. Though tempting, this maneuver should absolutely, under no circumstances, be used. You are not just an ex trying to get back at their partner who might have wronged them, you are a parent, and your ex is your child’s father or mother. That fact will never change, which is why you need to follow this guide so that you can successfully, and peacefully, co-parent now and in the future:

Go into the Divorce Proceedings with a Cool Head

Unless there was a very specific prenup, there is a lot to sort through when it comes to a divorce. That is why when you choose your lawyers, you need to choose ones that are experienced in the filed. A great family solicitor should be able to help you two come to an amicable agreement about custody, and fight for you to ensure a fair split of your assets. The calmer you are when you go, the easier you can come to a good agreement in regards to your children.

Start a Good Routine Immediately

Routines are what children need to thrive, and the sooner you start a good routine, the more time they have to settle. Try to keep some aspects of their life the same – let them live in the same house and go to the same school for example. From there, however, it is up to you and your partner. For example, say they sleep over every day on Fridays with your ex. Or perhaps you start going to the park on Sundays. These routines don’t have to always include your partner, but what they should be is time for you and your children to bond. Divorce doesn’t have to mean your family is fractured. If you and your ex work together, you can build a better family dynamic together and be closer with your children than ever before.

Don’t Let Your Personal Feelings Get the Better of You

Sharing in parenting is difficult, but by working together, you can give your children the best life. The only thing you need to remember is to never, ever, insult your ex in front of your children. It doesn’t even matter if something happened and your daughter is upset with your ex. Be diplomatic as possible, because as soon as you try to pit your child against your ex, your co-parenting relationship is doomed, and it is your children who will suffer as a result. Yes, your child can be mad at your ex, but instead of taking it as an opportunity to bad-mouth your ex, help your child work through their anger and rebuild their relationship with you.

Just because your relationship did not work out does not mean that your ex’s relationship with your children also has to turn sour. By following these steps, you can work out your differences as co-parents and build up a new, better family dynamic that suits everyone involved.  


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