4 Things To Consider When Buying A New Rod

fishing rod

Often, new fishers take the time to replace their line every time they get a new reel. That’s because they tend to keep line on their reel longer than they should. But it’s something that needs changing a little more frequently than you may realise.

The same goes for your fishing rod. If you’ve decided it’s time for a new fishing rod, here are a few things to consider when buying a new one.

1. The Weight Of The Rod

There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to picking the perfect rod. But things can get a little daunting. Once you know what you’re looking for, it gets much easier.

If you’re going for smaller fish, you’ll want an ultra-light rod. The smaller, lightweight rods are perfect for first time fishers, too, and youngsters who are just getting into fishing.

Lightweight rods are great for popular pan fish, while medium light and medium rods are perfect for trout, catfish, bass and walleye. If you’re after bigger fish, like pike and salmon, you’ll need a medium to heavy rod. For really big fish like tuna, opt for a heavy-duty rod.

If you’re a more experienced fisherman, you’ll probably want a good assortment of rods, like one of those Jig rods, in different weights. But a good starting point is a rod weight that matches the kind of fish you’re going after.

2. Length And Action

Length and action are closely related. Shorter rods are extremely light, so you’ll notice the entire pole bend when you catch a fish.

When it comes to picking out a new rod, look at both the weight and the line rating. Typically, shorter rods have lower line ratings which could limit the type of fish you could go after.

The action of a rod is the amount of bend when pressure is applied to the end. A good choice for first-timers is a multiple action rod as it will allow the action of the rod to alter depending on the size of the fish.

3. Rod Construction

Design and construction play important roles in your rod’s reliability and durability as well as ease of use. If your rod just isn’t serving you well out on the water, it’s time for a new one.

What’s more, sold piece fishing rods are harder to move around in wooded areas, and some fishermen have trouble fitting a long single piece rod in the back of their car.

If space is limited, choose a multi-piece or travel-ready rod, such as a telescopic rod that can transform into a full-size rod once you’re on the water.

fishing rod

4. The Material

A fishing rod is only as good as its construction, so material choice is paramount. Today’s rods are made from different types of materials, each with their own pros and cons.

For example, bamboo rods are popular with new and veteran fishers alike. They come in a huge variety of sizes and weights and can vary considerably in construction and quality, which is why it’s important to shop around. Good bamboo rods are durable and reliable.

Fiberglass rods are also a popular choice, but they’re more geared towards first timers. These rods are usually medium or lightweight and lack the strength needed to tackle and reel in larger fish.

Overall, if your rod just isn’t doing the trick anymore, it’s time for a new one!


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What You Should know Going into the IT Industry

Going into the IT Industry

Choosing a future career can be one of the hardest decisions you will have to make in your life. Whatever job you decide to do will take up the vast majority of your time, and so you want to make sure you are choosing an industry to enter that has plenty of opportunities, room for promotion, and job security to boot.

With all this in mind, going into IT could be the right choice for you, as this industry is one of the most exciting out there for young, eager people seeking a fulfilling career. This guide is going to tell you everything you need to know about going into IT and why you should seriously consider this exciting career prospect.

The training involved can take you far

Going into IT means you will have to get a degree in computer science and this training has the ability to take you far in life, which is one of the most popular reasons why you should study computer science. Having a degree in any subject will make you stand out in a job interview, but by doing your studies in a field that is so rich with innovation and transferable skills, you can sure your tuition money is well spent.

The great thing about studying computer science is that, if towards the end of your career you fancy a change into a new industry, the skills you have acquired will make you an ideal candidate as you will have proven you can turn your hand to almost anything.

There are a vast range of jobs in IT

Building on the above, there are so many different jobs you can get with IT in a variety of settings which means you can be sure there is something on offer that you will love.

Jobs include data analyst, data scientist, web developer, IT consultant, cybersecurity specialist and so much more, such as designing circuit boards with Altium software. This wide range of options means that you will have the flexibility to explore different aspects of information technology throughout your career.

Computer science benefits society as a whole

The final thing for you to consider is how computer science and IT benefits the world you live in as a whole. Technological innovations have never before been growing at such a rapid pace, and they are constantly and consistently changing peoples lives for the better. One of the plus points of IT for society is that it helps the advancement of critical research, aiding in medicine, science, and business, allowing progress to be made quickly in hundreds of different fields.

Another reason IT is so important in the modern world is that it is able to find solutions to problems that face everyday people which are affordable and accessible but also, in correlation to this, is helping pave the way to an equal workplace.

Now that you know some of the great things about going into IT, you can start your journey towards the career of your dreams.

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How to Support Your Adult-Child through Their Master of Education Degree

It can be said that your role as a parent is never over. Just because your child gets older and becomes an adult themselves, this doesn’t mean your job as a parent is complete. What happens is that it starts to morph into a different type of relationship. Often it can be easier to connect with your adult child as they become more aware of life and their role in it.

Master of Education Degree

Your children will never grow too old or mature to appreciate your love and support, especially as they work to pursue a degree and lay the groundwork for their future career. If your child has decided a master of education degree is the route they want to take, then here are some great ways you can offer the support that they need to get through the process.

Help Them Pick the School that Best Suits Their Needs

One of the most beneficial ways parents can support their adult-children is actually with the first step, helping them to pick the school that best suits their needs. Just because they have set their sights on a master of education degree doesn’t mean all the decisions are over and done with. Ideally they will want to find a school that doesn’t just cover the basics, but has an understanding of the importance of elementary education, and shares that importance with its masters’ students.

A great example of a school that takes the master of education program very seriously, and understands just how important it is to prepare its students to become elementary school teachers is Merrimack College. With Merrimack College, the emphasis is on proving future elementary school teachers with the critical skills, strategies, and information they will need to be impactful and successful teachers.

Make Sure You Chat with Them Regularly

Another tip is to make sure you make an effort to reach out and chat with them on a regular basis. This is even more so the case if your child needs to move out of the house to a different town, city, or even state for school. There doesn’t have to be a reason to call other than to say “hi” and ask how things are going. The first year of school can be pretty overwhelming and stressful, so encourage them to talk about how they are feeling and coping.

Suggest Help When Needed

As a parent you know your child better than anyone, which means you’ll probably recognize very early on if it seems they are struggling. It could be that their studies are just much harder than they anticipated, or they may be feeling deeper issues that are affecting their mental well-being. Encouraging them to get help from a tutor, speak to a counsellor, or other student services is always wise.

Give Them the Space they Need

For all the support that you give, and that is needed, it is also important to understand that they need space to make their own choices, mistakes, and successes. It’s really about finding that perfect balance as a parent.

Supporting your adult-child through their master’s degree doesn’t have to be a stressful thing, and in fact it can offer parents a chance to bond with their kids on a whole other level.


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4 Reasons you Should Consider Getting a General Studies Degree

Whether you haven’t been in a classroom environment for a while, you’re a working parent trying to pursue a higher education, or you’re a high school graduate looking for direction, getting a general studies degree can be a great idea. But a lot of people may still not understand the benefits of getting one and what they can expect to get out of them. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why getting a general studies degree might be the best choice for you.

general studies degree

Offers More Flexibility

What separates a general studies degree from other programs is that you’ll have more control over your elective and core classes. This means that you can choose any subject you like and build a program that fits your abilities. And since this major is interdisciplinary, you’ll have the chance to attend classes in different departments.

Great Option for Undecided Students

Finding out that you aren’t cut out for a program can be frustrating and costly. Too many students end up burning out in a program they know isn’t for them because of financial or parental pressure. But starting with a general studies program will allow you to test the waters and see where you’re doing the best and which classes tickle your interest the most.

Better Advancement Opportunities

In some cases, getting a college degree is essential if you want to advance. However, sometimes this college degree doesn’t have to be in one specific area. General studies is like the swiss army knife of college degrees, and will allow you to qualify for a wide variety of positions. It’s also a good choice for military students, as some of the elective credits from military training don’t apply to more specific degrees.

If you want to learn about the positions open to people with a general studies degree, you should consider looking at the information for the Touro general studies degree online. With a qualification in hand, you will be able to seek positions in sectors like marketing, non-profit and human services, government, or even law enforcement. A general studies degree will not only allow you to attend a wide variety of classes, but will also help you improve soft skills like communication and public speaking, as well as critical thinking.

Graduate Faster

In some cases, time is the major issue that blocks people from getting a college degree. But with a general studies degree, you can graduate much faster than with other programs. Since you can pick electives from any field you want, you don’t have to sit for a whole semester for a particular course to be offered. You can simply take another pick if you don’t want to wait.

General studies is also a great option for people with lots of transfer credits. You’ll be able to create a program crafted around these credits so you’ll be able to maximize the work you’ve done already.


As you can see, getting a general studies degree can be a great option depending on your situation. It is a great versatile program that will give you access to different career paths and allow you to take advantage of your strengths and interests.

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Tips And Tricks For Making The Most Of A Professional Photography Session

family photoshoot

How to make sure your family photoshoot is a success…

Taking the time to attend a photoshoot with all the family is something that is hugely important for capturing important milestones and special memories in a professional way.

However, it is generally not a cheap activity. Therefore, when taking your family along for some professional photography, you will naturally want it to go as smoothly as possible.

Although to some extent the success of your professional photography session is out of your hands, there are certain tips and tricks that can help to avoid there being any confusion and/or tantrums on the day!

Be well rested

Going for some professional photography is generally a positive thing to do and is something that the whole family will no doubt enjoy doing. Despite this, photoshoot sessions can last for a while and be demanding emotionally, especially for little ones.

It’s, therefore, a good idea to make sure all the family has an early night and is well rested before the session. The more that can be done to minimise the risk of there being any squabbles and tears, the better!

Generally though, the professional photography experience is such a new and exciting one, that your children probably won’t even think about how tired they are.

As well as having plenty of sleep the night before your professional photography, make sure that everyone is fed before heading to the studio. Family photoshoots tend to be fast-paced and dynamic, so you don’t want any hungry kiddies complaining halfway through!


Hopefully, your photographer will get in touch beforehand with some general advice about what to expect and what to wear. If not though, your best bet is to dress yourself and your family in neutral colours. There is no need for everyone to match as that can make the images appear unnatural and staged, but it’s a good idea to ensure that no one is wearing particularly bright or clashing colours.

The type of clothing you wear will depend on the photographers’ style and vibe. Nousha are a London-based family and child photography company who capture all their photos in black and white. Their unique approach to professional family photoshoots and the way that they simply encourage families to be themselves and show their character means that every image is truly special and treasurable.

Parents keep your noses out

Whilst it might be tempting as a parent to stand behind the camera and egg your children on to smile and look happy… it most likely won’t help.

Professional photographers will have plenty of experience in making children smile and/or laugh to capture natural happy moments, rather than forced cheesy grins.

Children are much more likely to listen to what a stranger (the photographer) has to say than their parents, who tell them what to do on a daily basis.

Don’t hold back

This one may go without saying, but be prepared to let any inhibitions go and be yourself during a professional photography session. If you don’t, it will show in the images and you won’t be getting what you’ve paid for!

Photographers will expect you to be ready to let loose, have fun and take their suggestions on board to enable some wonderful and unique images to be captured.

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to tell your photographer what your family is comfortable with and/or what activities your children enjoy doing. This way, the professionals can tailor your photoshoot accordingly to make sure that it is a positive and enjoyable experience for all.