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Awesome Garden Inspiration for Green Fingers

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The bad weather that comes with winter is nearly over, which means we’re all looking forward to being back out in the garden and enjoying it again. Planning barbecues, garden parties, or simply just sitting outside in the sun, there’s nothing better than the great outdoors during Summer. If you want to enjoy your garden even more this year then take a look through some of our awesome garden inspiration, guaranteed to get your green fingers twitching.

Bumblebee Heaven

We’ve all been worried about the decline in the bee population over the last few years, and those who love their garden know how important these misunderstood creatures are. Some of the best garden inspiration for 2014 comes from those who are trying to save the bumblebee, by creating a haven of pollen and nectar in their gardens. This wonderful idea serves two purposes; it will ensure your garden looks brightly coloured and fantastic, as well as giving bees more of a chance at survival. Invest in some plants and flowers that attract bees, and see what a difference you can make in your garden this year.


Outside Office

We cannot get enough of this idea that has been circulating around the web for a little while now. Outside offices are a big thing, and even Microsoft have taken to the trend, with their treehouse office in London. You don’t have to be a corporate giant like Microsoft to have an office outside, as thousands of people take to converting their sheds or outhouses into a workplace. If you don’t have a lot of space outside then you can find futuristic office pods, ready made and ready to slot into your garden. Gone are the days of working in a stuffy office during the warm Summer months, and here’s to working in the garden.


Green Wall

Talking of workplaces, this is another idea that has come from the offices and is now being used in gardens and homes everywhere. A green wall is effectively a wall, or fence; that is completely covered in greenery. First introduced in offices, in order to bring a bit of outside in, these beautiful pieces can now be seen in homes and gardens across the globe. Getting one installed can be quite pricey, but you can make your own using fencing panels and climbing plants.


Upcycled Garden Furniture

Upcycling is huge at the moment, with everyone trying to turn their old furniture into something a bit more appealing. The trend isn’t restricted to just inside the home though, as more people look at upcycling their old garden furniture and accessories. This is an instant way to spruce up your garden, without having to spend a fortune on new furniture. If you have wooden garden furniture that’s looking a bit worse for wear, then sand it down and give it a lick of paint. Pretty much anything in your garden can be turned into something, even old pallets which can be used as flower beds or tables and chairs. Instead of throwing away your old tat, see what you can make from it.


Are your creative juices flowing now? It’s nearly time to put on those gardening gloves and get to it, just wait until this wind and rain die down a bit first.






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  1. While your winter is about to end, it’s fast approaching in our neck of the woods. I am gonna be bracing myself and gotta prepare for the miserable 3 months yet again. Sigh!

    Anyways, I haven’t heard of upcycling before. Call me dumb but it’s my first time to come across with such brilliant idea. Now I feel a tad smarter through this post. Hahaha!

  2. I’m deathly scared of bees because I was stung by one when I was child. It hurt A LOT. So a green wall is probably doable but not the bumblebee heaven.. although I do recognize their function in nature.

  3. I love garden either small or big, theres a sense of peace of mind and relax me when i see one. I see a lot of sale outdoor furniture nowadays and it makes me excited.

  4. I love bumblebees, so much joy to observe, and choosing plants rich in nectar would also invite butterflies and hummingbirds, a very lovely and busy garden it would be.

  5. Yaaayyy! I can’t wait for Spring to come. You don’t know how I hate this time of the year, more so this winter because we’re getting snowed out every few days. A few more weeks to go 🙂 I can imagine sitting out amidst lush blooms.

  6. Outside office is a great idea for those who love garden and it is really attractive and can make your mood better once you see the lovely plants greeting you. 🙂

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