Battery powered razors, a handy tool on the go

Battery powered razors, a handy tool on the go

As I am the only lady in the house, most of the stuff you can see in our powder room and bathroom are mostly for men’s use, like deodorants, perfumes, colognes, shaving creams, facial wash, facial creams and razors thus, my girlie kit occupies only a small portion of the area.

Shaving is a necessary part of a man’s personal hygiene and care, as it keeps a man’s skin from being itchy and irritated. Taking off unnecessary hair on a man’s face will make him more comfortable and clean looking. So, razor is one of the accessories that is  a must-have.

My boys found out that a battery powered razor is more convenient and easier to use compared to regular razors. Standard razors need regular replacement of disposable blades to avoid shaving with blunt blade.  Most often a dull blade gives an uneven shave leaving blotches, redness, patches of unshaven hair and even cuts on the face and neck. These battery operated razors can be use as is or with a pre-shave lotion for comfortable glide.

Aside from battery powered razors, having a portable hair trimmer is also a must-have in the house.  At first, I don’t see the need to buy it as there is a nearby barber shop where my boys get their hair trimmed until this Covid-19  pandemic struck us. Thankfully, we purchased this quality hair trimmer here . It has been indeed very useful.

hair trimmer

As these shavers and trimmers are available in varieties of styles and textures as well as with different functionality, it is a handy tool to bring and use wherever you go.  A handy travel shaver which can bring savings because it can last longer.

To achieve a best shave, my husband taught me to hold the shaver at the right angles – 90° to skin then shave against the direction of hair growth.  For a cleaner shave result – stretch skin lightly and apply gentle pressure.


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