Being a Mom

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The hardest part in a woman’s life is being a mother. Nine months of conceiving a child, giving birth as the old saying goes, “one foot lies on the grave and the other foot hanging on for life” but the joy of seeing your child is incomparable to any wealth in the world.

With my two boys, ages 19 and 10, my life has been complete. But being a mother doesn’t stop just being a mother. To love, to care, to share, to teach them with the correct life values, to feed them with good nutrition, and to give them good education are just the start of the profession.

Kids grow very fast, and we grow old much faster, good communication with them refrains them from hiding emotions, problems and anxieties from us. We must learn how to develop good relationship with them by opening up a channel of communication with them, to let them feel that we are here for them, anytime, everytime they need us. We have to let them feel that we respect their feelings too, that they have their right to voice out their minds.

Time, giving them enough time is always a problem for working moms, I was once a working mom too, in my case, I decided to quit being an employee and started to put up a business of our own wherein the whole family is involved in running the business. It made wonders and tighten up more our family bonds. With mother’s who cannot quit work, there are plenty of ways in building up a good relationship with your kids even away from home.

Mothers are great heroes of yesterday and today, with this beginning article of my blog, I pay tribute to all the mothers in world, your efforts of being a mom is priceless!

To All the Moms, Happy Mother’s Day!

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