Benefits of having a pet dog

pet dog

People who have a pet dog are more spirited and less likely to suffer depression. The love and companionship given by the dog to its owners plus their intelligence, loyalty, devotion and affection are amazingly rewarding.

Studies find that people who own dogs increased their amount of physical activity by walking or playing with their dog. Additional benefits why owning a dog is good for you are as follows:

Being greeted by a happily wagging tail while it licks you on the face at the end of a long tiring day relieves stress and helps forget the strains of everyday life. They are the so called natural mood-enhancers. 

Owning a dog can raise spirits as it is the best antidote to loneliness.

Your dog can always be there for you in ways that people can’t.

Regular walks with your pet can improve your fitness levels.

Dogs give unconditional love, a faithful companion.

Dogs provide emotional wellbeing, a natural anti-depressant.

A Dog can help their owner lower the chances of a cardiovascular disease or have a higher survival rate after a heart attack as studies shown that owning a pet dog generally have reduced blood pressure compared with non-dog owners.

A dog can help a person recover from bereavement and other personal traumas.

Children who own pet dogs often have better self-esteem and learn to be more responsible.

Dogs when properly cared for reward their masters with lots of love, the reason why a dog has long been called man’s best friend.




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