Best Optimal Vacation Rental Options for your next Trip

Vacation Rental Options for your next Trip

With being cooped up for so long during this pandemic, it is understandable that you might develop the urge to go out for a trip to visit a family member or close friends. It can be rather difficult for many to simply stay at home, and others long for the feeling of just being outside once again. With the recent creation and distribution of the vaccine, going for a trip is now more of a reality than a fleeting idea.

As it stands, there is at least 3.47 billion people in the world who have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine. 456.47 million of those are from North America, which makes it safer to travel to Phoenix than it used to be before. However, with being in lockdown for so long, it takes for a while for what is “normal” to return to our lives. This sadly includes the price inflation that can prove to be the biggest challenge when you’re going for a trip.

Now that country borders are again opening and welcoming tourists, more people are again preparing to travel and see the world that they miss. Choosing your destination and  how to budget your expenses for the travel, are two of the most important part in travel planning and preparation. Moreover, you should also consider and prioritize the most demanding and logistical part of the trip: finding place to stay.


If you plan on going for a trip to Phoenix that will extend for months, then it might be better for you to consider renting an apartment instead of a hotel. This holds truer if you are travelling with your friends or family. Unlike a hotel, an apartment offers you with more availability, privacy, and freedom. It offers more room for you and your friends to lounge around, and even a friendly neighborhood that will be certainly quieter and less hectic than it would be in a fully booked hotel.

Prices for going on an apartment, however, should be heavily considered. For example, the average rent of a 1-bedroom apartment in Phoenix, Arizona is at 1,143USD according to Zumper. This means that you have to do the math on your travel expenses and allot a sole budget for your accommodation if you plan on holding a trip longer than a few months.


Hotels are the go-to for most trips, and for a good reason! They offer relatively cheap prices, almost readily available, and are located in most commercial areas. You do not also have to worry about doing most things for your own, as hotels offer services that seek to make your travel as comfortable as possible. However, it should be remembered that while a hotel may be cheap for short-term, it is not for any long-term expenses. For example, let’s say that one night in a hotel counts as 150USD. If you stay for a month, you will easily reach 4500USD by the end of the month, which is arguably more expensive cumulatively.

Of course, this is unless you negotiate rates or you avail of a promo with the hotel itself, but, at that point, you might be better off with renting an apartment instead.


Condominiums are essentially like hotels, but in the difference that they do not provide the extra services that a hotel does. They are another great choice for your trip, as it gives you more privacy and independence than a hotel can offer, and is relatively cheaper to a hotel.

RV Rentals

Understandably, it is even the simplest pleasure of going outside roaming around the picturesque city of Arizona that people sorely miss during the pandemic. In this regard, why just stick visiting one location, when you can take your time by having a road trip across the country? You will be able to see more this way, and you can even enjoy the local specialties that you come across to!

Vacation Rental Options for your next Trip

However, this option can be incredibly expensive. There are many things to consider when doing a road trip, such as finding the right tires, or trying to make the car a comfortable place to sleep in. Neither seems like the best considering the state of the pandemic and finances, so it might be better to rent an RV instead.

An RV has multiple price ranges, going from as cheap as 75USD to 250USD per night. Of course, this all depends on numerous factors, so you might need to do a bit more research before choosing this option.


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