The Best Place To Buy Your Engagement Ring – Online Vs In-Store

Buy Your Engagement Ring

Should you buy your engagement ring online or in a store? Buying online saves a great deal of time and effort, but you need to ensure the site is trustworthy. As for physical stores, you need to ensure you’re not being take for granted with smooth-talking salespeople who jack up the price.

But, both options can, and do work. Here’s how they compare.

Buying an Engagement Ring Online

You really can’t beat the selection of online rings when you check out Certified Diamond Network in Sydney, Australia. When you shop for engagement rings online, you don’t have to deal with over-eager salespeople. What’s more, while there is a wide variety of rings, online retailers don’t hold as much inventory which means they save on overheads and you enjoy lower prices. Also, online stores tend to have solid refund policies (just check the fine print before you buy a ring).

There are downsides to shopping for an engagement ring online, too. Widely, the internet is an unregulated marketplace with both reputable and scheming merchants selling good and blood diamonds and you could end up making a very expensive decision. Be sure to carefully check out customer testimonials along with online ratings.

Buying an Engagement Ring from a Physical Store

One massive advantage buying a ring from a store over online offers is that you can view the diamond in person before making a purchasing decision. You’ll get to sift through the different options or discuss bespoke rings within your budget, and the staff may educate you on the 4 C’s and which are the most important in terms of budget and style.

What’s more, you can walk out with a ring once you’ve picked one. Physical stores often offer great credit plans and long-term financing, too. When you buy an engagement ring from a store, you’ll also have somewhere to go for sizing, prong tightening, and cleaning.

Just like buying an engagement ring online, though, buying a ring from a brick and mortar store has its disadvantages. Most stores have the goal of selling to you as opposed to educating you. Many salespeople may not be well-informed, and misinformation can lead to being misled. What’s more, physical stores have high overheads. They have larger inventories, a team of employees, rent, and other bills to cover. And, that means the rings may be more expensive than if you were to purchase one online.

Keep in mind, if you choose to head to a jewellery store for your engagement ring, that the store’s reputation is a great measure of its quality. But, it’s not a guarantee that the diamond is the perfect pick for you. It’s like clothing. Even the most glitzy brand can look unsightly on some people.

See the jeweller’s contact information to discuss your ideal engagement ring.


Whether you want to buy your ring online or from a store, begin by asking people you know for recommendations and references. Talk to people who have bought from both options so that you can make an informed decision and purchase.

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  1. Hi Joy – I couldn’t agree more, with so many options it’s so important to do your due diligence and set a budget. Something you mentioned, that is so often forgotten, is that engagements rings are worn on a regular basis and daily wear can mean repairs or resizing down the road; jewellers will often only take care of the things they have made or sold.

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