Body Art and Tattoos for Expression

Body art had been a primitive expression practiced all over the globe. You see tribes and groups of indigenous people having their very own tattoo designs. These tattoos are not only for decorations but they portray a certain position in one’s society. In the northern Philippines such as in the province of Kalinga, you can still see some of the oldest tattooed women and they still practice their craft of tattooing. They serve a ritual first before creating or drawing a tattoo to anyone and they can create the most intricate designs of body art.

These days, body painting or staining is as simple as buying a bag of chips from the convenience store. Tattoo shops have grown in number offering various designs done by professional tattoo artists. What was considered before as something sacred and really important is now just a normal thing for many. It has become a fashion for some people who loves to express art through their body or body parts. Making a body modification is one’s personal choice and desire.


The most common body part for men to get a skin design is their bicep,while for many women a foot design or at the back on the nape portion is most often their best option. Some people are still discreet about their body art and keeps them in areas that can be covered with clothes but there are also those that seemed to have utilized their bodies as a huge canvass and have tattoos all over their bodies.

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