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Bon Voyage: How to Prepare for Living Abroad

Whether a person is leaving with their family or alone, the secret to moving abroad successfully is preparation. To prevent a last-minute panic before departure, or objectionable surprises upon arriving at a new home abroad, getting ready for the move is vital.

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The move will be emotional for sure. From finding a new home, to packing up boxes, moving abroad can be both emotionally and physically challenging. Here are some important tasks a person should complete prior to making their move abroad.

Hire a reliable moving company

Individuals should be careful when researching for an international moving company. The company should be bonded and insured. In addition, the company’s policy for lost or damaged property, counting what percentage of the damages they will cover, should be investigated.

Make sure your property abroad and travel documents are in order

All documents such as passports, visas, and permits should be in order prior to moving. Visa requirements will differ from country to country. A quick Google search offers plenty of links that will set a person in the right direction.

Moreover, your move will be less of a problem and less complicated if you will seek assistance of an overseas property and finance specialist like Simon Conn (for overseas mortgages) that could guide you in the process of refinancing or purchasing your new property.

Registering with the Embassy

Registering with the embassy prior to departure is important depending on which country the person is moving to. For example, for most European countries, Americans require no tourist visa, but a longer stay will require additional paper work. However, most people move abroad due to work or their spouse. Checking with the appropriate embassy to make sure everything is in order is best.

Visit the doctor

Depending on which country a person may be moving to, visiting the doctor is important. For example, some countries require shots against diseases carried by mosquitoes, and because some immunizations take a while to become effective, a person wants to be sure they are 100% protected before arriving at their new home.

Learn the language

It is probably best to learn only a few phrases of the language of the new country in the beginning if the dialect is different from the person’s mother tongue. It is difficult to learn a language well if one cannot speak it with others. Learning basic phrases like “hello” and “how are you” are good for starters. Once inside the country, taking language courses and being in a situation where one “must” speak the language will increase anyone’s foreign language skills.

Clear the clutter

Make sure you are only taking the essentials. A lot of what you’ll need you can actually get in your new place. Technology like your computer or smartphone might not work in certain areas either. Sell your iPhone to SellShark or hold a garage sale to earn some extra money and get rid of things you won’t be able to take with you.

Other important things to take into consideration before moving abroad are the safety of the new country, the dress code, insurances, personal banking, and taxes. The paperwork is vital to getting started in a new home.


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