Bring Your Personal Style to Your Wedding Guest Outfit

Like first dates, weddings are an occasion when it can be difficult to come up with wedding guest outfit ideas. There are certain expectations based on the time of the wedding, the formality of the event, and your particular relationship to the bride or groom. For example, if you are a close friend of the bride and know what colors are included in the event’s decor, you could select a dress that matches. Or, if the wedding is a night, black or dark colors generally are more appropriate in wedding guest dresses. No worries about finding the perfect size and style that would fit you as you can search for the right outfit through an online  store like   Moreover, here’s a collection of options that can take the mystery out of what to wear to a wedding.

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Traditional Indoors Wedding

Whether the ceremony is in a church or a rented venue, you likely will go a little more conservative with your dress choice. A classic belted tank dress topped by a cropped jacket or flowing cover-up is a solid ensemble. Flat, closed-toe shoes complete the look along with understated jewelry.

Outdoor Summertime Wedding

These celebrations are a good time to pull out the maxi skirt or flowing, gauzy dresses that have great movement in a breeze. You want to stay cool from the nuptials to the cocktail hour to the dancing afterward. Regardless whether the event is at a vineyard or on the beach, soft, lightweight dresses in neutral colors will be your best bet. Bring along a cover-up for when the temperatures drop but you are not ready to abandon the party.

Casual Backyard Wedding

You still want to look dressed up for a shindig in someone’s back yard, but you don’t have to be quite so formal. A nice dark denim skirt with flats and a trendy top make for an upscale-casual look that won’t be out of place in your hometown. If barbecue is on the menu, you may want to opt for a blouse in a dark color just in case!

Formal Evening Wedding

Fancy evening weddings in hotels or grand ballrooms are the ideal time to bring out your little black dress. You can dress it up with glittering accessories, and be sure to wear heels. Remember, black is the expected hue for wedding guest dresses, but you can still make a statement with a coordinating clutch — and your killer dance moves.

Getting dressed for a friend’s nuptial celebration shouldn’t be stressful. These handy guidelines should set you on the right path toward being a stylish yet comfortable guest who shows respect for the decorum of the occasion.


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