Bye-bye Mosquitos

Dengue disease outbreak in the Philippines, being a tropical country is supposed to be only during rainy season but due to inconsistent weather changes brought about by climate change, it became an all year round “Dengue-Watch.”
I’ve discussed about my youngest son who was once bitten by a Dengue virus carrier mosquito  in one of my previous articles in my other blog
This is a follow-up to remind each and everyone that we are not safe though summer days are nearing. 

I am sharing insect/mosquito repellent products that can be bought from most of the grocery stores or supermarkets near you.  After Yahmir got hospitalized from this disease, I keep on buying and trying different insect repellent products that I can found in the market.  

parakito bracelet

mosquito repellent lotions and patches
Odorless Multi-insect Sprays that I spray all over the house once a week
Using these products is of great help, but we must also ensure cleanliness of our surroundings.  Check for stagnant water around, inside and outside the house, especially during after a rain fall.  Look and check for possible mosquito breeding grounds. Bases of air conditioning units are hidden breeding grounds of mosquitos, flower vases, rain pipes or gutter, and more.  There are certain plants also that can drive away mosquitos which can be best planted in your garden or in plant pots, like citronella grass, rosemary, marigold, etc.
After that scary experience, I immediately started implementing safety precautions against mosquitos, not only in our home but when we get out of the house too.

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  1. My nephew back home was also victimized by this deadly desease and Thank GOD that he survived. During our vacation, I was so worried for my boys bec our place was mosquito infected area.I'm not worried that they will get sick,I'm worried bec if they do, my husband will gonna kill me for sure, LOL!

  2. the virus had already mutated in four strains, once you are immune to one strain, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are already safe from the other strains waaa

  3. "the virus had already mutated in four strains, once you are immune to one strain, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are already safe from the other strains"

    yup, thanks for this post…mahirap tlg ang ma-dengue…

  4. Thanks for dropping by and following my blog. 😀 Effective yan and Off Lotion.. well, based on my experience dati. My only complaint then was, ang baho. But maybe they also have it in a not so odorous variant. Pero effective talaga siya.

  5. mainit nga rin sa katawan off lotion, chaka malagkit kaya, i use the parakito bracelet for my youngest son 🙂

  6. hi thanks for your inputs, my wife got dengue and ever since she has recovered we have used bye-bye mosquito and its the most effective patch ive tried. di masyado offensive ang smell and i like their new packaging.

    as for OFF, not in a million years. mahapdi pa siya sa balat.

  7. How much is parakito bracelet mommy? And the cute patch? We only use Human Heart Nature citronella insect repellent for my toddler. It's oil based kaya mainit sa katawan kapag summer.

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