Calamity Survival Kit

Due to Climate Change, weather nowadays becomes more unpredictable. It suddenly changes every now and then.  Typhoons are getting much stronger, even monsoon rains bring plenty of strong showers and gusty winds all throughout the country. 
We are also aware that our territory is located along the ring of fire.  We can never tell when we can experience the movement of tectonic plates under us or when a volcanic eruption will occur because our country also boasts of numerous active volcanoes.  I already have experienced how the earth shakes and jiggles in the year 1990.  It was really a very frightening experience.
Having a calamity survival kit in my home gives me the peace of mind.  Come what may, worse come to worst my children will not get hungry and we will be ready.
The following are the contents of my family survival kit.
I stock canned goods and food that do not need refrigeration, cooking, water or special preparation like corned beef, pork and beans, sardines, biscuits,cookies and bottled water.  I see to it that I check on their expiration dates every now and then.  Before I forget about it, I make a list and tape it outside the big plastic container. So before it expires, we consume it and I just replace them with a new stock
I have this water resistant bag which is neatly packed with two pairs of shirts, underwear, pants, towel and extra slippers for each family member.
My first aid kit contains alcohol, surgical mask and sterile gloves, bandages, antiseptics, cotton, gauze, thermometer, paracetamols, antihistamines, cough medicines, antibiotics and oral rehydrating solutions. Sanitary items like napkins, toilet paper, soap,toothpaste,toothbrushes and the likes. I also have a flashlight with extra batteries, lighters, candles, a can opener, mosquito repellents, umbrella and spare raincoats.
I place the first three kits above in a big plastic container near the door.
I always have this battery/electricity-powered transistor radio with spare batteries at hand.
I place all our important documents in a hard plastic bag, and put it in on top of a cabinet.
I see to it that I always have a spare money inside my bag

I gave a whistle to my two sons. I carefully instructed them to blow it only when needed, in cases of emergency and  danger.

Some people may see this over-acting or exaggerrating.  Well,  all I can say is “better be safe and ready than sorry.”

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  1. Such a great tip!  I will bookmark this and make sure to gradually build up the family's calamity survival kit.  You can never tell right?  Thanks for sharing this!  Godspeed!

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