Style Guide: How to Wear Trendy Patterned Leggings

Recent fashion trends that featured bright and patterned pieces of clothing have caused quite a stir around fashion capitals of the world. Women rejoiced for the opportunity to truly express their personality through the bright patterned leggings, but while they look fantastic on the runway, it can be a bit risky to do so in the real world. So here’s a quick guide to help you update your look and wear your bright and patterned tights out proud.

patterned leggings

Go for Subtle Shades

Nervous about how you pull the chic bright geometric-patterned fuchsia leggings off?  Opt for more subtle colors such as plum or khaki. You’d still be wearing the latest trend this season by in a bit demure way.

Show a Glimpse of Prints

Some may worry that decorated leggings can be too overpowering, but if you really want to subdue it, wear it under a skirt and boots. This fab and fashionable combination is great especially for fall and winter. Geometric or tribal prints warm up your overall look despite the cold and dreary weather.


Shorts and Trouser Cut-Offs

More fashion forward females have experimented with bright and patterned leggings and found you don’t really have to wear skirts to subdue your look. Worn out trousers and even denim shorts go strikingly wonderful with patterned leggings especially when paired with sky high heels!

patterned leggings

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The women’s sexy voodoo legwear

voodoo hosieryMost women love levante hosiery. I have never yet found a lady who dislikes a pair of either stockings or tights. Voodoo legwear has been there for sometime now. The thing that makes this item the best is that it can be worn throughout all seasons. In other words, it does not matter whether it is winter, summer or spring, for they can be worn anytime of the year. This means that they never and will never go out fashion. Have you checked the latest voodoo legwear? If you haven’t tried and do some research. The design is named voodoo moda exclusive or Italian exclusive. When translated, it means exclusive modern Italian design.

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