9 Hacks For Plus Size Girls And Their Prom Dresses

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You should never let the wrong dress get in the way of a special night, especially when it comes to dancing the night away at prom. Use these top tips for plus size girls to ensure you have a stylish, yet comfortable, occasion.

1. Dress Straps

Plus size girls who want to wear dresses with straps should opt for thicker straps so that they can wear a bra underneath for additional support. Prom dresses that have thick straps are chic and comfortable, so you can still be the Belle of the Ball.

2. Strapless Dresses

If you would prefer a strapless dress, be sure to pick a full-coverage strapless bra that has moulded cups. You may also want to opt for gripper strips on the inside of the bra band to keep it in place when you hit the dance floor.

3. Fitted Dresses

Plus size girls should look for fitted dresses that nip in at the waist and show off their figure. Avoid drowning in mounds of fabric and instead pick a gown that skims the curves and shows them off. You can get cheap plus size prom dresses in 2018 at Prom Dress Shop and similar designer dress retailers.

4. Heavy Fabrics

Try to choose a prom dress in a natural, heavy fabric like cotton blends, silk, or even jersey that will hug the curves but not stick to them when you are dancing.

5. Boy Shorts

It’s a good idea to wear a pair of lightweight boy shorts under your dress in order to minimise chaffing. If your thighs are rubbing while you dance, you’re going to be in pain, and that makes for a ruined night. Wearing shorts under the dress will save your thighs, so look for a seamless pair that won’t show through your dress. You may also want to look for shorts that are moisture-wicking so they will stop you from sweating when you’re having fun.

6. Don’t Be Afraid of Short Dresses

If you have your heart set on more full-coverage on the top of the dress to support your chest, you can get flirtier with the bottom. Don’t be scared to show off your legs in a formal short dress.

7. Get Yourself Some Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape is your BFF, and rightfully so. You can use it to create a shorter hem in an emergency, keep your strapless bra from falling down when you’re dancing, and even to close any gaps in your dress, such as between buttons.

8. Have Your Dress Tailored

You are sure to feel far more confident in a dress that fits like a glove, but it may not happen straight off the rack. Once you’ve found your dream dress, take it to a tailor and have it taken in where you want it to feel a little closer to your body, and let out where you would like a little more dancing room.

9. Shoes

Plus size girls look great in shoes that have an ankle strap that sits just a little lower than the ankle. For curvier ankles, straps can get uncomfortable, especially when feet get hot and swollen during dancing. Look out for styles that sport a lower strap just below your ankle bone, and make sure they are comfortable and flattering on your legs.

Ensure you get the perfect dress by remembering the tips we’ve shared.

Buying Plus Size Clothing – Online Or Traditional Shopping?

If you can’t decide where and how to buy your new plus size clothing, let my article help you out. In here, I will give you few of the known advantages of online shopping and traditional (personal) shopping along with their disadvantages. By knowing their pros and cons and I am quite confident that you can decide without hesitation on how to buy or where to buy your next plus size outfit and accessories.  So without further ado, here they are.

Plus Size Clothing Online Shopping

Lots of plus size clothes online-store offers far more range of dresses, shirts and accessories to choose from. They vary in terms of size, style, design and color. You can also find some plus size clothing online that are not available at local clothing stores or shopping malls. Aside from that, online stores regularly offer discounts and sale via coupon codes. The only thing you have to worry about online shopping of plus size clothing is that you can’t fit and try the clothing you wanted. You wouldn’t know if it looks great with you or if they are made with fine materials or fabrics.

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