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Just like shoes, bags are also wardrobe essentials for everyone. These fashion accessories offer a practical value for carrying your things but they must also look good with your chosen outfits. As such, it pays to have a couple of them in your closet. Shopping for handbags can be so much fun that some women tend to accumulate a closet full of it without meaning to. The smart way to do it is to know your must have handbags and use it for your shopping guide. Here is a quick rundown of must have handbags for women.

Everyday Tote. A tote is a large bag with parallel handles on the sides and is usually unfastened. Totes are commonly used for going to work or shopping errands. Given this, remember to always buy totes made of durable materials that can handle daily wear and tear. Tote handbags can look good on women with apple shaped body types. The width and structure of a tote bag can help create a balanced look for those whose shoulders and thighs are narrower that their waist.

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Crossbody Bag. The crossbody bag is designed to be worn with one strap looped on the shoulder, draping diagonally on the torso and the bag resting on one side of the body. These bags are great for casual strolls or occasions when you don’t need to bring a lot of items with you. Crossbody bags can flatter the look of women with waist and hips that are smaller than their shoulders.

Chic Satchel or Shoulder Bag. Satchels and shoulder bags are usually characterized by a long strap that can be worn on the shoulder. A satchel is typically closed by a flap while handbags can have different types of closures like zippers, flaps, or clasps. These are must have handbags for fashionable women as they can amp up your look even if your just wearing jeans. Also, if your waist, shoulders, and hips are about the same size, these bags can help add slight curves to your body. Just make sure that the bag doesn’t fall past your hips.

Luxury Handbag with Classic Design. When you need to dress to impress, investment pieces like a designer bag will do the job for you. There is nothing like fine quality and craftsmanship to demonstrate your impeccable taste. Aside from making you look good, these luxury pieces can also make you feel good while wearing it. Purchasing these must have handbags need careful consideration. Just remember to go for the timeless pieces that never go out of style to maximize your investment.

Statement Bag. If you want to make a good impression without having to splurge then a nice statement bag will do. These are attention grabbing bag that reflect your taste in fashion. Be careful though as some statement pieces can make you look kitschy.

Evening Clutch. Women should always be ready to party which makes an evening clutch a wardrobe essential. These small must have handbags are designed for dressy evening events to match the delicate fabrics of evening gowns. But nowadays you can find evening clutches that are versatile enough to be worn on formal to semi-formal daytime occasions.

Duffel Bag. A specific style of bag made of thick fabric suitable for carrying sports equipment or can be used as a travel luggage. Enjoy carrying a trendy duffel bag when going to the gym. You can also go for waterproof duffel bag perfect for hiking, camping and beach escapade.


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Tote Bags: Stylish and Functional Carry-All

Bags are both functional and fashionable accessory that women can’t seem to live without. They have bags for different purposes and occasions. There’s a bag they carry to work, one or two styles and designs for an evening out and some other sort of bags for a weekend of strolling and walking. For the latter, women choose function over a bag’s fashion call for weekend bags can take the use and abuse of shopping and a variety of items women need in that specific day. This is what Tote Bags’ main purpose is.

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Tote bags are actually medium to large rectangular or square bags with durable straps or handles for carrying different items. “Tote” means for “to carry all” but these days, it is not used in the same sense. Carry all was used in the 1940’s to describe “shopper bags,” which is just the same as tote bags. These types of bags are perfect for carrying necessary stuff such as books, purses, beachwear and other items.


These days, tote bags are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. While it is unclear what really constitute totes, what’s common between them is that they have on large compartment and is ideal for every use. Some added features of designer tote bags are the protective lining and reinforced straps and corners.

Chic-luxe look with Michael by Michael Kors

Michael by Michael Kors (MMK) is now available in the Philippines and I am so excited to shop from an actual MMK outlet and to personally see its wide range of collection – bags, dresses, accessories, shoes and more. As Kors loves to jet-set around the world, his designs are mostly inspired by his travels.

The Michael Kors line of clothing is all about season-less dressing, mostly functional and wearable to different functions and occasions from day to night with just a simple change of jacket or accessories. His latest creations for holiday 2012 and resort 2013 are all about opulence mixed with minimalism.

Michael Kors Sequined Maxi Dress  Michael Kors Lounge Shorts
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Different types of bags

Impeccable bags need not be a designer brand or expensive as long as it fits one physique. You will look stylish and classy even with locally made bags that are less expensive.  Elegance in carrying a bag depends on how the bag will complement one’s body figure, outfit, place and occasion.

The following are the different types of bags we usually see around.

The most common bag carried by women is the shoulder bag. It comes in different shapes and sizes and designed to be worn over the shoulder. The large ones generally are compartmentalized with numerous pockets inside and out to hold your vanity kit, keys, notebook, cellphone, purse and more.

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