Extending your look through Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are so popular not only among celebrities but also to beauty conscious women who loves a unique style to give a lift  on their current look every now and then. Attaching real or synthetic hair weaves can add thickness, volume, highlights and length to the the person’s own natural hair.

hair extensions
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These hair weaves are designed in different colors and texture to mix in and match naturally with the natural hair. If you are planning to get a hair extension, it is important to choose a licenced hair extension professional who will apply the hair extension perfectly and avoid hair damage. When properly maintained it can last 6 months to a year before they need to be removed.


Extensions are available in two types – synthetic and human hair.  Both come  in variety of colors, textures, styles and lengths that would fit your need. Human hair extension is more expensive than the synthetic counterparts due to its high quality. It can be applied in different ways – glued in, woven in, braided in or clipped in.


Getting hair extensions need allocated budget and time commitment as well. The cost will not end in just buying and applying the extension as additional expenses are needed to buy the professional maintenance products designed to keep the extensions as well as the natural hair healthy and in good condition. Moreover, regular trips to your cosmetologist is needed to upkeep the application of extensions as existing hair grows out.




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Healthy Hair Tips for the Summer Heat

Soon as summer arrives, hot weather hair issues come out from women of all ages. Hair becomes dry and brittle and you get more split ends and dandruff. People with wavy, thick and curly hair and especially those who have undergone hair treatments are even more challenged with the warmer weather. The key here is to find the most suitable hair products for your hair type that will hydrate and condition your hair without breaking your budget. Also, here are some healthy hair care tips to keep your hair moisturized, nourished and protected from the sun.


healthy hair


Women with dry and brittle hair can take advantage of gently balanced nourishing shampoo with moisturizing shampoo and UV protection. Follow it up with an invigorating conditioner treatment and after washing it, apply a leave on conditioner or a silk serum with thermal protectants.


For frizzy haired women, start off with a clarifying shampoo and a moisturizing shampoo. This should be followed by a moisturizing conditioner and rinsed with warm water. You can apply a leave-on conditioner and a curl enhancer to define your curls.


Dry and itchy scalp is an issue experienced by both men and women during summer season. For crowns that get flaky this time, once a week, treat your hair at night with a therapeutic shampoo for dry and itchy scalp. Follow it up with a sulfate-free shampoo and then with natural conditioner. Towel dry and then massage small amounts of scalp treatment oil before sleeping.


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Fabulous for the Fall

Ladies, we all know how important it is to stay looking healthy and glamorous all year round.

But as the winter winds set in and the inevitable rain, sleet and snow plays havoc with your appearance, it can leave you weather-beaten and feeling worse for wear.

But fear not, as here are a few tips and secrets to ensure that whilst everyone else crumbles in the wintery weather, you remain on top form.

Banish wet hair

We all know how easy it is to just leave the house with your hair not quite dry and allow the blustery wind to do its job.

hair Continue reading “Fabulous for the Fall”

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Hair Tips – The right way to shampoo hair

To keep and maintain a healthy hair, proper shampooing must be done to get rid of dirt, oils and even lice while conditioning will keep the hair soft, untangled, strong and moisturized.

shampooFirst and foremost, you need to know the type of your hair so you can make a decision on what type of shampoo you need.  There are a lot of different types and brands of shampoos in the market to choose from – shampoo for dry, oily, normal, damaged or colored hair.

Second, look for a good quality shampoo that will bring out the result you want like if you want a smooth and silky hair, volume, shine and more. Don’t be deceived by expensive brands, for they are not always better as per experienced. It will be wise to read the labels and compare ingredients.  Conditioner on the other hand offer several options such as deep or repair conditioning, rinse out, leave-in and for daily use.  If your hair is dry, opt for a moisturizing conditioner or if your hair is limp try a rinse out conditioner.

Here’s a simple guide on the right way to shampoo hair.  Continue reading “Hair Tips – The right way to shampoo hair”

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Say goodbye to a bad hair day

There are times that we are not in the mood to blow dry and style our hair the way we wanted it yet we need to get out for a meeting with a prospective client or attend an event or school activity. As we all know good looks counts a lot in personality projection most especially when dong business transactions. Bad hair day usually happens in different scenarios such as when you woke up late unexpectedly thus beating the clock and in a hurry to take a bath having no more time to make a hairstyle, suddenly you find out that you forgot to buy your favorite hair conditioner on your last weekend grocery shopping, or just simply lazy to make a hairdo.   Continue reading “Say goodbye to a bad hair day”

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