Flushed Cheeks for a Youthful Glow

A month ago I have talked about welcoming the year 2020 with skin care, as we all know that beautifying starts with a great looking skin. Now, next to skin care is to get your eyebrows perfectly done, wear a good lipstick shade to emphasize your lips but do not forget to also make your cheeks go pop. Full flushed cheeks are on trend, and here are some tips on how to make this trend work for you.

flushed cheeks


Create a perfect glam for all occasions by using a versatile blush pallete. Rosy cheeks with red or pink tones can enhance the look of your healthy complexion and can make a youthful glow. Do not be afraid to dip into your blush pan, experiment a little to see what shade suits your face shape. Beauty experts says that the peach, coral and mauve shades are in the spotlight nowadays. However, you can choose whatever shade you want as long as it suits you. Remember, the point is to make your cheeks look fresh and radiant throughout the day.

If you are still indecisive about what shade to pick, OFRA Cosmetics, an internationally recognized name in the beauty industry and a leading manufacturer of professional skincare and makeup with 24 years of manufacturing experience has their top of the line Pro Palette Blush with cool and warm tones to choose from:

OFRA Cosmetics

Pink Lady (bright fuchsia matte)

Raisin (warm brown with slight sheen)

Rendezvous (warm reddish-brown natural sheen)

Crazy Pink (mauve lavender satin)

Coral Crush (bright coral matte)

Apricot (light peachy neutral with slight shimmer)

Winter Rose Glow (warm brown with subtle shimmer)

Candy Apple (bright cool toned pink matte)

Pink Satin (light cool pink matte)

Charm (natural peach matte)

Rose (mauve dusty rose matte)

Format (warm bronze satin)

Finding the right blush can be tricky. Powder blush is a better option if your skin is oily and it also tend to stay longer, on the other hand creams give a natural fresh flush and more translucent but not recommended for skin types which are prone to break-outs. Choose the one that works best for you.

Lastly, use a smaller brush, ideally a dome-shaped brush with densely packed bristles. This ideal brush is recommended by beauty specialists.

Transitioning Your Makeup Routine from Summer to Fall

It may seem a little bit odd for you to see a headline like this in the middle of summer, but still, it is never too early to start preparing your skin for upcoming weather changes, right? Plus, it is useful to know some things in advance, kind of like how we’ll all be fully aware of next year’s spring fashion trends as soon as November starts. In this article, you will learn how to recover your skin from all that summer damage and also find out about the hottest fall makeup trends.



Hours-long beach sessions have probably already started to take their toll on your skin in forms of peeling, drying, greasing etc. And yes, your skincare routine is going to go through several changes now, but don’t worry – that doesn’t have to be a bother at all.

Goodbye summer moisturizer

Your favorite can’t-live-without moisturizer will be replaced by a heavier one. And yes, when we hear that, most of us instantly think about clogged pores and weighed down skin.However, now there are those that are specially designed to feel light while keeping your skin ultra-moisturized – kind of like the ones from Gorgeous Cosmetics, for example. After all, moisturizing is a very important process for keeping our skin safe from oiliness, blackheads, dryness etc.

Facial oils

There are countless benefits of incorporating these into your daily skincare routine, especially if you are using argan oil which is full of omega 3, 6 and 9 that protect and nourish your skin in the best way possible.

Sometimes we need extra(s)

Exactly – sometimes, when all those nighttime cat-eyes, crazy festival eyeshadows and rubbing your waterproof mascara take their toll on those fine lines around your eyes, moisturizers just aren’t strong enough to help them. This is why you need to upgrade your skincare arsenal with some aloe vera enriched eye creams. Use your eye cream every night before bed by massaging it gently onto the area around your eyes.


After your skin is fully recovered from sea salt, pool chlorine, sand and sunlight, it’s time to doll yourself up. Say goodbye to fluorescent lips, mermaid eyes and pink highlighters – the fall has something else in mind.

All forms of metallic eye shadow

The fall of 2017 brings us all kinds of eye shadow color trends, but one stands out way above the others, and that is metallic – in all possible shades. And no, it is not just about dabbing some silver around your eyes. At 2017 fall fashion shows,metallics were swept across eyelids which gave the looks a remarkable beauty statement of strength that quickly spread through the runways. There are two ultimate ways to rock this trend: by blending a few completely opposite colors (like they did at the Alberta Ferretti fashion show with black, red and metal gold) which creates a beautiful, but at the same time badass impression, or by sticking to one particular metallic eye shadow like Lloyd Simmonds did at the Alexis Mabille fashion show.

If none of these work for you, you can always improvise and invent a new style yourself.


Luckily for us, burgundy has managed to remain the ultimate fall trend for another season.You can opt for sexy burgundy lips, or bold burgundy eyes. If you are wondering how such a thing as burgundy eyes can work, just take a look at La Perla’s fashion show and makeup artwork of one and only Erin Parsons who found the inspiration in British gardens. Make sure you try this color out this fall.

Gothic all the way

Ever wanted to pair your black shadow with a dark lipstick such as wine red or dark plum without feeling like a wicked witch? This year you can, because Rihanna once again launched a new makeup trend at her Fenty x Puma fashion show.

Beside this combination, many trends, such as rock ‘n’ roll eyes (a.k.a Kate Moss’s iconic eyeliner) and heavy-handed black liner approach, also made a huge comeback this season.

Graphic eyes

This makeup trend is embracing the looks you’ve only seen in those futuristic movies. Basically, it is all about achieving a structured look with an exaggerated flick and making unconventional color combinations. This look is super edgy and perfect for those who want to grab everybody’s attention.

The new smoky eye

Forget everything you’ve learned about smoky eyes. Now, it is all about wearing black makeup only on the outskirts of your eye (like the Saint Laurent fashion shows), doing an extreme graphic version of cat eye (Versace fashion show), or smudging only your brow bone with black shadow (like they did at the Giorgio Armani fashion show).

That would be it. How do you like these makeup trends? Feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section below.

Celebrity Makeup Artists Share Their Summer Secrets

We know that during summer months the only thick layer on you should be sunscreen. So, make sure you apply it at least 20 minutes before you put any makeup on, to let it soak in properly. Okay, let’s get straight to work then.

Vincent Oquendo says: exfoliation first

Believe it or not, Vincent Oquendo does one really strange thing before dolling up his VIP clients: he shaves them. Don’t worry, not literally. He calls that procedure dermaplaning. Basically, it is a new form of exfoliation where you use a sharp tool (10 gauge scalpel) to remove that dry and dirty top layer of your skin and leave you with much smoother and brighter complexion. Also, it eliminates the peach fuzz and leaves you with a very smooth and clean canvas for applying makeup. The treatment is painless and completely safe if you are careful enough. After you’re done, use a simple BB cream or a lightweight foundation.

makeup artist
image source: Vincent Oquendo – http://bit.ly/2u3MoGZ

Molly R. Stern says: get naked

Stop it! Don’t take your clothes off! Walking around in these extreme high temperatures will result in sweating, smearing and smudging. To avoid these side effects, go light on your skin, avoid heavy foundation and make sure you use only the products you really need. If you have a clear face, don’t bother using anything at all, but on the other hand, if you think you need a foundation, just mix it with your sunscreen and dab a light concealer with your fingers on those critical spots.

Image source: Molly R. Stern – http://bit.ly/2tODbXI

Robert Sesnek says: switch to tinted moisturizers

Since we all use moisturizer on a daily basis, why wouldn’t we get the best of both worlds and save our skin and pores from foundation? If you don’t like the idea of using commercial tinted moisturizers, you can make your own by mixing your regular oil-free moisturizer with your lightweight foundation to achieve that soft and sheer appearance.

Image source: Robert Sesnek – http://bit.ly/2tOF1YM

Monika Blunder says: proper tools matter

Your super expensive light base won’t count if it is not applied the right way. It will eventually slide off your face and give you that dirty and melted look. Make sure you invest in quality synthetic buffing brushes which will help your foundation last longer and prevent it from looking oily.

Photo source: Monika Blunder – http://bit.ly/2tO2klH

Kelsey Deenihan says: bronzer is the safest way to get a tan

Powder SPF enriched bronzer can do wonders for your glow. Feel free to sweep it all over your face to make your complexion seem a lot deeper and then dust a shimmery one over it to accentuate the highlight points of your face a.k.a your temples, the bridge of your nose and the highest part of your cheekbones. You will glow like never before.

Image source: Kelsey Deenihan – http://prn.to/2tOyLjP

Every makeup artist ever says: during summertime go waterproof

What is worse: seeing yourself in a mirror after a long day and realizing you look like a raccoon, or wondering how long have you looked that way? When the temperatures are this high, your makeup will smudge due to excessive sweating. A waterproof mascara, like Maybelline Great Lash mascara for example, won’t smear, run and will easily handle pool, sea and sweat.

However, mascara and eyeliner are not the only waterproof makeup products out there. You can now find waterproof foundation, concealers, and even blushes and eye shadows which fill successfully fight both heat and humidity.

That would be it. Did you find any of these tips helpful? Do you know any other? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Nightly Beauty Routine: Removing Makeup Before Going To Bed

You may be an expert in applying makeup in seconds to beat the morning rush, but a few minutes to lavishly cleanse and remove your makeup every night before crawling to bed is a healthy nightly beauty routine and habit you should have. After a long and busy day, you might be too tired or you’re wearing too little make up anyway. But these excuses will never help you achieve a healthy, youthful skin, rather it may only cause you skin problems before long.


Most makeup products can clog your pores and not removing them before going to bed heightens the risks of acne breakouts or blemishes. Your pores may not only be clogged with makeup but also of dirt and bacteria you have encountered during the day. Makeup also prevents your skin from breathing and using its natural oils to moisturize itself. Prevent skin irritations, acne and breakout with few swipes of makeup remover and facial wash.


Keep your skin fresh and young looking by practicing a nightly healthy skin routine. After removing makeup and using cleansers to remove all traces of cosmetics, slather moisturizers help keep it soft and supple. Most moisturizers also have anti-aging properties that prevents the appearance of wrinkles, dryness and sagging. A few minutes spent on a nightly routine will go a long way in achieving a glowing, young-looking and healthy looking skin.

Lip Liner Trick for Luscious Lips

lip liner

When you want to be noticed effortlessly for the natural glow of your face, you only need to highlight your eyes with a good lined eyebrow, an eyeliner and well-colored lips. As most women go for smoky dramatic eye makeup, why not flaunt your luscious pouty lips with the right lipstick shade? Proper care and protection is necessary in keeping it soft and succulent looking. Among your body parts, the lips are prone to cracking and drying up because it doesn’t have any oil gland. It relies on outside sources to stay moisturized, supple and pouty. On the other hand, not all women are blessed with pouty supple lips, but thankfully, there are different shades of lip liner to resolve this.  Continue reading “Lip Liner Trick for Luscious Lips”

Green eyeshadow, wear it or not?

The green eyeshadow is the makeup trend this Spring/Summer 2013. The most common question for this new fad is – to wear it or not, a go or a no? Well, we only have to keep in mind that no matter how popular a style is, it is not always suitable for everyone especially when not executed correctly.


green eyeshadow
photo credits: tumblr.com

Since green is not a neutral color, women should be extra careful in applying this shade. Trying on different shades of green on your skin tone can do the trick.  According to makeup specialists, pastel to medium shades are most flattering for fair skin tones, while brighter hues are suitable for dark skin tones.  Continue reading “Green eyeshadow, wear it or not?”

Choosing The Right Base Products For Your Skin

Wearing the wrong shade of foundation for your skin is a serious beauty no-no. Too light, and you’ll look like a clown; too dark, and you’ll look like a tangerine. We all want to get that flawless look for our skin, so avoid those pesky base bothers with these tips:

Make-Up Counter

In your mission to discover the perfect base for you, your first point-of-call should be a make-up counter. With the professional advice provided by sales assistants, you’ll be in a much better position to go it alone and choose your foundation for yourself.

skin foundation

Continue reading “Choosing The Right Base Products For Your Skin”