Nightly Beauty Routine: Removing Makeup Before Going To Bed

You may be an expert in applying makeup in seconds to beat the morning rush, but a few minutes to lavishly cleanse and remove your makeup every night before crawling to bed is a healthy nightly beauty routine and habit you should have. After a long and busy day, you might be too tired or you’re wearing too little make up anyway. But these excuses will never help you achieve a healthy, youthful skin, rather it may only cause you skin problems before long.


Most makeup products can clog your pores and not removing them before going to bed heightens the risks of acne breakouts or blemishes. Your pores may not only be clogged with makeup but also of dirt and bacteria you have encountered during the day. Makeup also prevents your skin from breathing and using its natural oils to moisturize itself. Prevent skin irritations, acne and breakout with few swipes of makeup remover and facial wash.


Keep your skin fresh and young looking by practicing a nightly healthy skin routine. After removing makeup and using cleansers to remove all traces of cosmetics, slather moisturizers help keep it soft and supple. Most moisturizers also have anti-aging properties that prevents the appearance of wrinkles, dryness and sagging. A few minutes spent on a nightly routine will go a long way in achieving a glowing, young-looking and healthy looking skin.

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Lip Liner Trick for Luscious Lips

lip liner

When you want to be noticed effortlessly for the natural glow of your face, you only need to highlight your eyes with a good lined eyebrow, an eyeliner and well-colored lips. As most women go for smoky dramatic eye makeup, why not flaunt your luscious pouty lips with the right lipstick shade? Proper care and protection is necessary in keeping it soft and succulent looking. Among your body parts, the lips are prone to cracking and drying up because it doesn’t have any oil gland. It relies on outside sources to stay moisturized, supple and pouty. On the other hand, not all women are blessed with pouty supple lips, but thankfully, there are different shades of lip liner to resolve this.  Continue reading “Lip Liner Trick for Luscious Lips”

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Green eyeshadow, wear it or not?

The green eyeshadow is the makeup trend this Spring/Summer 2013. The most common question for this new fad is – to wear it or not, a go or a no? Well, we only have to keep in mind that no matter how popular a style is, it is not always suitable for everyone especially when not executed correctly.


green eyeshadow
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Since green is not a neutral color, women should be extra careful in applying this shade. Trying on different shades of green on your skin tone can do the trick.  According to makeup specialists, pastel to medium shades are most flattering for fair skin tones, while brighter hues are suitable for dark skin tones.  Continue reading “Green eyeshadow, wear it or not?”

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Choosing The Right Base Products For Your Skin

Wearing the wrong shade of foundation for your skin is a serious beauty no-no. Too light, and you’ll look like a clown; too dark, and you’ll look like a tangerine. We all want to get that flawless look for our skin, so avoid those pesky base bothers with these tips:

Make-Up Counter

In your mission to discover the perfect base for you, your first point-of-call should be a make-up counter. With the professional advice provided by sales assistants, you’ll be in a much better position to go it alone and choose your foundation for yourself.

skin foundation

Continue reading “Choosing The Right Base Products For Your Skin”

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