Lord of the Rings – Book Series

The Lord of the Rings book series belong to my treasured book collections. I have read these books years ago but upon seeing them again while I was cleaning one of our bookshelves, I think I’ll read it again 🙂 The story plot is centered on the struggle and fight for the Ring of Power, which was forged by the Dark Lord – Sauron, many years ago. This fantasy adventure had become so famous worldwide that it came out in different translations and editions.

lord of the rings   lord of the rings

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Messenger, a dystopian novel

Messenger is a dystopian novel written by Lois Lowry. The short novel with 169 pages is easy to read and comprehend, thus ideal for a book review among elementary pupils. Yahmir, my youngest had made a book review on it when he was still in grade 5, he finished reading it in just one sitting over a weekend.

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6 Advantages of Renting Books

Being a degree holder will surely be a cut above in getting a good job, compensation and work level wise, however, getting into college is no joke as college expenses gets higher by the year. Tuition fees, food, personal allowance, housing cost and book purchases are the major costs needed to take into consideration.  College-goers can save money if they choose to rent textbooks rather than buying them. Renting a book is a lot cheaper than buying a new or used one.

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Productive Pinoy, a book review

This is one of the books that I enjoyed reading from page one up to its last page. It was simply written for easy comprehension, entertaining but very enlightening.  The brilliant ideas that came straight from a horse’s mouth were discussed in a funny and clever way but not offending to its readers.
Productive Pinoy’s author, Yeng Remulla is a young entrepreneur, a Filipino who strongly believes that each person is gifted to do both meaningful and remarkable works. His intention is not to lose Pinoy identity but to renew and reinvent the old Pinoy thinking to live a more productive, significant and pleasant life.
The book aims to encourage every Pinoy to be an extra-ordinary. It serves as a guide to explain, inform and experience the fruits of significant results even with lesser time and effort.  The major point is to be productive without being workaholic.  Working and at the same time enjoying life.
To site some examples of old Filipino thinking that he best expounded are the Bahala na, Kuntento, Pwede na, Filipino Time, Ma?ana habit, Ningas Cogon and a lot more.
I personally agree with the author’s perception on reawakening and recreate the reasoning of the old Filipino traits, not only intended for the Filipino adults but best be read by the young generations, I should say high school and college students to help them stimulate their full potential to achieve maximum productivity.
Productive Pinoy, one of the BEST Filipino penned book that I highly recommend!
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